Friday, July 22, 2011

Dreams and their Implications

Hello Everyone,

  Few days back, I just heard that Twilight series was based on a dream. I dunno, if it is a rumor or truth, but it is too good to believe. I dream a lot *this is better way of saying, I sleep a lo

t Ha Ha* and I dream fiction. I mean stories, movie plots of what I have seen already, of what my mind is sub-consciously plotting, people whom I miss, my school and my college and I also see a lot, a lot of girls all the time in my dreams.  This was a secret. Not to share. Now that many of my dreams are lost to memory I was particularly amazed myself that I made it a point to note down the major plot of my dreams from past three days. Here you go:

Troubled flight of a plane -- due to environment and technical reasons -- though crash landing, all members safe -- 
everyone relived – Govt. grounds the plane -- one day John sights the plane in his alley -- gets into it -- to see that all those passengers are all in there -- living stress free life in plane -- smoking -- drinking and having fun -- all coz everyone once had near death experience in the plane -- and their true fears, true reasons for survival and new enlightenment has come
American Force Recon team -- In mission -- mission compromised -- three men dead -- the rest arrested -- leader walks out of jail -- kills men responsible for compromising the mission without knowledge of anyone-- the team assists the nation which arrested them in covert missions -- 
US Army Sensitivity Training Cartoon, US Army, US Army fitness cartoon, US Army
US Army Sensitivity Training Cartoon.
country honors these men but doesn't grant freedom -- US gets to know -- sends red channel orders to these men -- the team kills everyone around and goes back to their mother nation -- to be maries once again
Tears of a person seem to be very very powerful. Whenever he sheds tears due to grief, something weird happens 
to people all around. One more person, he seems to have superpowers. He comes to realize about them when he is extremely stressed / joyful / passed out / exhausted. 

Don't forget to enjoy the verses on the cartoon above regarding US Army sensitivity training

You ever see dreams like this? Or is something wrong with some of my circuits? You ever saw a dream which you wanna write into a book? You know about any wonderful books which were shaped from dreams?

 with warm regards


Anonymous said...

I remember my dreams, and yes, I've written novels based on dreams. ;)

Misha Gerrick said...

Stephanie Meyer herself says that her dream was the inspiration for Twilight. Yeah... I get many weird-ass dreams. In fact I think yours are pretty normal.

Maybe because of that, most of my inspiration comes from when I'm awake. Because my dreams are best left to my sleep.


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