Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Funny Things about Percy Jackson

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    How is life going on? Hope you are all enjoying by the grace of God. 

The other day, I was thinking about Percy Jackson Series. I am done with it and thinking what should I start reading now? Is the Cronus Chronicles good? Has any one tired it?

Now, let me share, what I feel is funny about Percy Jackson series:

   The Gods, break oaths taken on river Styx. When someone breaks an oath, made on river styx, the consequences are very very serious. If the oath-breaker is a God, then oath-breaker is supposed to be exiled from the assembly of gods for ten years and be denied nectar or ambrosia during this time and for mortals the punishments are very very extreme. Zeus and Poisedon, seem to have walked free though they broke their oaths. Yet, Yet, the heroes, demi-gods,.. still take an oath of God on river Styx as reassuring. My goodness!!

    The plot of series can be put as, Kronos a powerful Titan, comes back from Tartarus with help of Demi-Gods who are disgusted that their immortal parents aren't recognizing them. With help of smaller gods, who lack proper respect back in the Olympus. The series ends with Percy forcing all the Gods into oath, that they shall acknowledge thier children once they reach age of 13. Now Now, why don't the mortal parents reveal the immortal parent to child, once the child recognizes that the he/she is Demi-God? Isn't it easy?

   Imagine your surprise, Percy asks oath from all Gods, that they shall acknowledge their children once the demi-gods reach age of 13 as the climax to the. Ha Ha!! What a joke!! Haven't gods forgotten their promises earlier? Haven't gods walked free from the punishment to be endowed by river Styx?

    Have you gone through Percy Jackson? Liked it? Found any issues like this? What are you planning to read next? Any good book / series after Percy Jackson? Kindly let me know!!

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Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

promising keeping is important,

lovely analysis on the series.
have fun pondering on it.

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