Saturday, July 9, 2011

Faith In Ourselves

Hello Everyone,

    How is life going on?? Enjoying I guess, by god's grace. I am reading the Percy Jackson series from past few days. Percy Jackson and his friends are on quest to save their homeland and to prevent war between Olympians and the Titans. Here is a small excerpt from it the book. Percy Jackson and his friends find Briares, a hundred - handed one,  who fought with Titans earlier.  Here is an excerpt from the book:


“Don’t talk that way,” Annabeth told him. “You can come back to camp with us. You can help us prepare. You know more about fighting Titans than anybody.”

“I have nothing to offer,” Briares said. “I have lost everything.”

“What about your brothers?” Tyson asked. “The other two must stand tall as mountains! We can take you to them.”

Briares’s expression morphed to something even sadder: his grieving face.

“They are no more. They faded.”

The waterfalls thundered. Tyson stared into the pit and blinked tears out of his eye.

“What exactly do you mean, they faded?” I asked. “I thought monsters were immortal, like the gods.”

“Percy,” Grover said weakly, “even immortality has limits. Sometimes…sometimes monsters get forgotten and they lose their will to stay immortal.”


“Kronos’s army will invade camp,” Tyson said. “We need help.”

Briares hung his head. “I cannot, Cyclops.”

“You are strong.”

“Not anymore.” Briares rose.

“Hey,” I grabbed one of his arms and pulled him aside, where the roar of the water would hide our words. "Briares, we need you. In case you haven’t noticed, Tyson believes in you. He risked his life for you.”

I told him about everything—Luke’s invasion plan, the Labyrinth entrance at camp, Daedalus’s workshop, Kronos’s golden coffin.

Briares just shook his head. “I cannot, demigod. I do not have a finger gun to win this game.” To prove his point, he made one hundred finger guns.

“Maybe that’s why monsters fade,” I said. “Maybe it’s not about what the mortals believe. Maybe it’s because you give up on yourself.”

His pure brown eyes regarded me. His face morphed into an expression I recognized—shame. Then he turned and trudged off down the corridor until he was lost in the shadows.

Tyson sobbed.

      Isn't it true?? When immortals give-up on themselves, they even fade and are lost for ever and ever!! What about us? What will happen the moment we give-up on ourselves?? Well, nothing I guess. Our dreams become distant dreams. We are lost in the struggle for existence. right?? We can't become Shakesphere of the day, can't become the next J. K. Rowling, can't lose weight, can't stand first in our section, can't do anything cool!! So, Never Never give up!! What say??

with warm regards


Indie said...

Hello and it is so nice to meet you!

I will be back often to read your words.

Welcome to Bluebell staff.

(I post at Bluebell on Mondays)

Theresa Milstein said...

Never give up! Great mantra.

My son loved the Percy Jackson series. I read the first three books.

Jingle said...

amazing job.
love the questions in the end.

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