Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Bash Blogfest

Hello Everyone,

  I don't seem to be participating in ample blog fests and blog hops of late, right? Well, let me start doing that now!! So, this post is in response for the Birthday Bash Blog-fest  from J. C. Martin.  The prompt is simple, write a short story, starting with the phrase "A lot can happen in a year…” in no more than an hundred words, not counting the starting phrase!!

Well, here is my entry:


“A lot can happen in a year, when you are satisfied with your material progress” spoke Jane

“Yeah, you get peace & health” said John cutting  Jane
“You become flirt of the day, read books & lose touch with reality”
“Ha Ha!! Not in my case”
“Moment you stop improving, you fall back, take rest and then understand you are lagging in job skills. “
“You compromise as you liked current life style, you loose heart in girls, money, dream pay check and just get fatter all day”
“Jane!! I want this job not college. Can’t you “ shouted John
“I can!! Try to sit on the highest branch, before sitting idle”


    Well, what do you say? It is a bad job right? I just dunno!! Let me re-edit it mean time! Tell me what you feel about it?  Kindly let me know!!

with warm regards


J.C. Martin said...

Hey, thanks so much for participating! This is just a quick note to say that I’ve been by to read your entry! Drop by my blog on July 26th for the announcement of my shortlisted entries!

Jackie Jordan said...

Interesting passage. Good job and good luck with the contest!

Amy said...

Great drabble - I would love to hear more! :)

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