Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why to blog?? Part 1

Hello Everyone,

   How is the week going on?? Well, mine is kinda dull this time!! Not much happening!! Not much blogging! Its like .. all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!!! Ha??

  I was just wondering what to blog upon? I was wondering if blogging changed me / influenced me?? Well, Yeah!! Blogging helped me a lot! I got to know all of you (read my wonderful readers). I got to know about the blog-fests and the fun in writing for them!! 
   I believed that the best way to determine if you understand a concept is to try explaining it to someone else or to yourself. While blogging,  our thoughts crystallize due to the writing. It is like reinforcing my thoughts and ideas..  Don't you think so??

Blogging clarifies the ideas floating around in your head and makes them more permanent kind of. The advantage of a blog over a journal is that your writing is read by other readers and when people give you comments, their suggestions and the discussion becomes productive, you gotta learn a lot. This also helps in making your writing fun, helps me stick to my writing goal at least tells me start with blog whenever I am struck!! 

What do you think?? Do you write for your readers alone?? Do you write for yourself?? Does blogging help you in any way?? 
With warm regards


Theresa said...

I definitely write for myself. I've always done everything for other people, now I do this for myself. Blogging helps me think through an idea as I write. Writing about an idea instead of just writing the idea itself has great benefits.

RpT@ said...

hey I write for myself..just to give shape to my floating thoughts..and when i write for contests,or some given topic, i write it for others..and hey I had a clarification to make..that am a female.and so cannot be your bro(as you had mentioned in the comment to my post) lol :)

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