Monday, July 4, 2011

My New Orbitrek

Hello Everyone,

 Hope everyone of you had a great weekend and are starting the week ahead well!! Mine was awesome and the beginning is fabulous!!

     To add, to my line of fitness equipment is my new ORBITREK. Don't imagine me as Brad Pitt!! I look like shit now!! Fat belly, bad shape with really awkward gait!! Well, thankful to my OldMan, who put in lot of efforts yesterday to buy the same and get it to my home!! Well, I kinda started using the same today after struggling for over an hour yesterday to assemble it.

    The manufacturer claims, I burn about 820 calories per one hour of workout!! That is really huge right?? I dunno if it is possible, but my calorie count today morning was 450 or so!! This is awesome as per me!! I never sweated so much!! Let's see, if after a year, I would still be so amazed and pepped up due to this Orbitreck or I will just discard it as a piece of crap!! Lets see!!

  I forgot to mention, I have joined a motivational group, meant for weight loss!! We motivate each other, discuss our results and keep on working out to reach our ideal weight taking care of all other issues!! Don't worry we aren't fitness freaks. You can visit the group here.

   Do you exercise at home,with some equipment?? What is your fitness routine?? Kindly let me know!! And don't forget to wish me luck!!

with warm regards


Bethe77 said...

Well I do wish you luck on your new exercise program. I have never been real good at sticking with them.
My reginme is to just move.
I walk my CK girl at least one a day maybe twice.
I bleong to a gyme when I go.
I love to dance. But as I have gottne older that program doesnt seem to go as well. I lost tons of weeight dancing.
So best to you my friend.

mooderino said...

As Bethe says it's the keeping it up past the first couple of weeks that's the killer. Good luck! I'm off to eat a donut (I wish!).
Moody Writing

Misha Gerrick said...

Good on you for doing something to get fit! Best of luck! :-)

Abhishek said...

Thank you dear!!

@Misha, @mooderino & @Bethe77!!

Jenny said...

Good luck! I try to swim or walk every day! I have a short attention span for equipment like that. I bet you'll do great, though.

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