Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thursday Short Story Slam Week 5-Children's Literature

Hello Everyone,

 How is everything going on? Fine I hope!! With me too, by the grace of god. Well, I am happy to be accepted, better say honored, as author for the Bluebell Books. I am gonna post review / tour of fiction books, biweekly on Bluebell Books. Isn't it wonderful? Yeah!! I know it is awesome indeed!!

   This post is in response to the Thursday Short Story Slam Week, on Bluebell Books. I am supposed to write a short story or poem with response to their writing prompt. The prompt this week is the picture with the girl and plant. Here is my story:



"J220, can you listen to us?", asked the professor, meticulously checking every part and functioning of his new creation, the J220. A robotic chat buddy, which can speak to people and recognize them based on their voice.

"Proofessssor. I can recognize your voice" came the reply, to much relief of the team

"Jane, check out all other parameters, while I report the issues"

"Fine John. I shall take care"

"J220, read the text on your left", commanded Jane

"Name is and identifier with which we refer to a person, thing or place"  read J220

"Good. J220 now identify yourself" commanded Jane

"I am J220. Manufactured in ACME labs, patent pending. Other details can't be disclosed" replied J220.

"Okay. J220, what do you see in this picture" asked Jane, pointing to the picture on the floor

"A child, Human, female. A plant and soil" replied Jane. Its sensors taking in every minute detail about the colors, the expressions, background and everything else.

"Now let us check how you can process data. J220, what is the child in the picture doing?"
"Child in picture, Smiling, white dress, leaning her head on table, extending her hand as if shoving the soil into heap."

"Good. J220, the child is nurturing the plant. Note it down in your memory" ordered Jane

"Fine Jane. I shall. Nurturing is caring and encouraging the growth and development of something or somebody. Are you nurturing me Jane?" blurted out J220, enthusiastically.

"Hmmm. No J220. I am your friend. Professor is nurturing you by the day. Not me." explained Jane.

"Will professor also smile, lay down his head on bench and shove soil around me into a heap?" asked J220.

"Can you sit on a table like that plant?" asked irritated Jane

"No. I don't have body. I can't sit" complained the J220

"All is fine. Shut Down" ordered Jane writing a report saying "J220 is dangerous, since it has the capability of reasoning and storing personal data. The vocal output from the J220 seems to be problematic"


     Well, what do you say? Is a robot / artificial intelligence's brain child a danger to all of us, if it can store our data? If it can analyze? If it can think? Well, I simply know that almost all robot based movies, like terminator, believe in this. What do you say?

with warm regards


Anonymous said...

This is really cute and really awesome. I admit technology intimidates me even if it is completely illogical I think I have watched too many of those movies lol

deeju said...

No wonder this is the idea of an upcoming engineer like you! Good blog to follow. I also enjoyed writing a poem for Jingle.

MISH said...

I really had a good chuckle - this is a cool story ! And I love your fun interpretation of the prompt ... unique and awesome !

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

you can write science fiction for sure, extraordinary piece.
Thanks for gracing Bluebell Books short story slam,

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