Monday, June 20, 2011

Maghook - Catpain ScareCrow

        Captain Shane M. Schofield, USMC is a fictional character, whose exploits form the basis of a series created by the Australian author, Matthew Reilly. He appears in Ice Station, Area 7, Scarecrow and the spin off Hell Island. While the plot differs from novel to novel, it is mainly based around Schofield's legendary reputation as a Marine, revered by the Marines that serve under his command and known for his high-risk tactical maneuvers.

          As per the series, Maghook is the signature weapon of USMC. Our hero always finds Maghook as a life saving implement and a equally dangerous weapon. A Maghook was a combined grappling hook and high-powered magnet - the signature weapon of Marine Recon Units primarily used while scaling heights, hanging from ceilings, .... A Maghook has a maximum rope length of a hundred and fifty feet. The  famous Armalite MH-12 Maghook comes with a grappling hook which also contained a high powered magnet for adhesion to sheer metallic surfaces. 

                  The "Harbour Bridge" was a legendary Maghook trick. Two people fired two oppositely charged Maghooks in such a way that the two hooks hit in midair and stuck together. It was named after the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the famous Australian landmark that was built from opposite sides of Sydney Harbour, two separate arcs that ultimately met in the middle. Schofield had seen a number of Marines try it.

        Do you think, that Maghook can become a dangerous weapon?? Can a maghook become signature weapon to one of the most advanced special forces of the world??

     What are such weapons which you saw only in science fiction series? Do they inspire real life weaponry??  Any examples?? 

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