Thursday, June 30, 2011

Call 2 World

Hello Everyone,

The following poem is one of my favourites. Created based on something I read as a child.  I am linking it now to the Jingle Poetry At the Gooseberry Garden's Poetry Picnic week 25. Don't forget to enjoy the same.


Blessed indeed, the humans are, with a beautiful nature
but, still, weep & beg we shall, for the want of love.
Proved it is, in every deed, that human nature
must be ashamed, because we cant any-more love.

Depends, the fate of humanity, on each of us
as, spreading is the venom of terrorism, by the day.
Dying are the innocents, for no fault of theirs
and hanging is our future, ah On the corrupt politicians of the day.

Changing, is the world, into fire of hell
waiting are a few, to free us from blindness.
By ringing aloud the awakening bell,
to eliminate, from depths of human heart, the darkness.

Chanting that, “affection of man” to other
if killed among streets & on roads, we’ll
surely fall apart not, only, at the border
& in peace we shall never dwell.

Nothing it costs to grab humanity with ease
than a 70 mm smile that wipes away your loss
& to change this world of terror to peace
To prove that world looks the way, the society makes.

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with warm regards


Jingle said...

awesome thoughts on life.
well done.

Happy Rally.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

I agree with the sentiments you put forth and you have presented them quite poetically. Well done!

Bethe77 said...

Well put together. Enjoyed it!

The Poet said...

Quite a thought-provoking piece on life.

Abhishek said...

@Andy, @Marbles in Pocket, @Bethe77 & @Jingle!!

thanks a million for your kind words!!! Bless you all for the same!!!

N.S.Kirti said...

true words written through great insight... brilliant... :)

RpT@ said...

very few people think this way..awesome thoughts and well put up.

Anonymous said...

"Dying are the innocents, for no fault of theirs
and hanging is our future, ah On the corrupt politicians of the day." <--Like the pun on hanging. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow !!! Amazing piece of art ")

Anonymous said...

This is incredible, powerful, thought-provoking, heart-breaking. Love the gritty realism

Anonymous said...

Yes, all it takes is a smile and ease and good energy. Your poem evokes this in the midst of negativity. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

this was interesting, like a chant about changes :)

happy gooseberry day!

August said...

amazing tribe, a thrill to see you share.

keep it up.

Short poems said...

Beautiful thoughts on life.Love it :)

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...


Thanks for sharing.

rch said...

Very good AA, some excellent verbiage and sentiments mixed poetically.

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