Friday, June 24, 2011

MC Blogfest

Hello Everyone,

    How is your week going on?? Enjoying all the wonderful blog-fests??  Mine is awesome!! I am literally enjoying!! After a long & boring break, I started enjoying the fun of blogging again!! Ha!! Isn't it awesome!!

    So this post is in response to the MC Blog-fest on Author Elizabeth Mueller. The concept is simple, I am gonna pretend that I am the Main Character (MC) of my WIP and will answer the three questions put together for this blog-fest. 
Introduction of my WC:

    Edward Newgate, is the name I choose for my WC. The work is fiction in nature, related to Young Adult in a military background. Edward Newgate was a plump nerd who falls in love with a girl from his high school and when his love fails, he joins Army to serve the nation.

Questions and Answers:

Question 1: What are your greatest fears?

    I fear loneliness above all. When, the princess of my heart choose someone else for herself, I didn't know what to do. I cried for myself and became depressed. After that I moved on and started genuinely loving everyone around and helping them all. I feel lonely unless I am in company. I feel distant from some of my close friends. I just dunno!! Once in army, everyone is my family. We are a big family. I feel like helping them all to outshine me and helping them all to achieve their goals. I find happiness in it but I dunno if they all love me!! I dunno if  I will ever have a person to hug all-day and everyday!!

Question 2: What is your biggest accomplishment?
    I just dunno! I have scaled heights, for sure. I am independent from the age of eighteen. I took care of my parents and showed them the power of riches. I got down on weight from about 90 kgs to 60 kgs in a year with exercise and diet only. I joined the army, a feet considered almost impossible for me by everyone. I didn't loose a single man till date in combat. But, what is my biggest accomplishment?? I dunno!! I think, I have helped people outshine every accomplishment of mine. I had the heart to help them all, I cultivated that heart!! It didn't come by birth! This is my biggest accomplishment I guess!!

Question 3: What is your biggest regret?

person thinking cartoon, cartoon, thinking person, person cartoon, cartoon thinking face, thinking, cartoon
Person Thinking Cartoon
    I should have proposed my girl a lot early. I will not mention her name, for a girl with such good heart needs no stains. I should have done it. I was a fool, thinking like adults, planning to propose after I settle down. Was confidence the reason? No, I was sure, she would say yes. But, I waited to earn big bucks and then ask her to be my princess! I didn't know then, that I was to ask her to become princess of my heart and not my estate!! 

    Good job or not?? What do you think about my MC?? Is he cool?? Is he fool?? Let me know!! Eager to read my book??

with warm regards


Raquel Byrnes said...

Oh, I hope he gets another chance to ask her to be the princess of his heart.
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Catch My Words said...

He sounds like a good guy. Is it too late to ask the girl to marry him?


Elizabeth Mueller said...

I really like him and don't see him as a fool at all. He's sensitive and caring and I know that there are some women out there that really like that in a guy. Good luck Edward!

Thanks for participating!

Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

Christine Tyler said...

Sad day for the girl who got away :(

Shannon Lawrence said...

It sounds like he's a genuinely good and unselfish guy. I hope he gets the woman he loves.

Trisha said...

Aww, poor guy missed out! It does happen though, sometimes - bad timing, etc.!

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