Monday, June 13, 2011

The Man Inside

Hello Everyone,

   I was fortunate enough, the other day, to enjoy my favorite movie X-men, Wolverine, without interruptions of any sort. Well, I always wanted to watch the movie and was interrupted many a times due to various reasons.

   What was special about the movie? I was big fan of the cartoon series X-men. I just loved it then and am quite enthusiastic to find the origin of the series and the cinema version of the story, of course. Why do you think, the movie is quite a big hit???
     The movie had everything needed including great plot, great characters that catch our imagination and keep us amused all the time. Cool names viz storm, cyclops, rouge, wolverine, magneto...!!

    The most important reason, though the characters are mutants (kind of super - heroes), have their share of problems. Mutants weren't portrayed as superheroes for whom, the sky is the limit. They weren't shown as all intelligent, omni-present, bigger than life, flawless, ...

    They had their share of problems. Mutants faced some of them, sometimes ran away from them. Just like humans. They didn't know how to handle some of their problems. Didn't know how to face the humans who hated them, who feared them. 

   Yet, they showed heroism whenever required. They plotted evil when necessary and tried to take the revenge (case of Magneto)!! In simple words, due to all these traits, all of us, could identify ourselves with the characters at some level or the other right? Do you think, this is the reason behind their success?? Do you think, we too must be aware of this factor while writing a book?? What is your view??

with warm regards


Golden Eagle said...

I do think it is something a writer should keep in mind--that the main character has to have something people can relate to. A character isn't as realistic as they would be if they did have some fault or weakness.

Peaches Ledwidge said...

I agree with every word The Golden Eagle said. Good post.

M Pax said...

I do believe the favorite stories are ones where people can relate to the main character.

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