Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today’s life

Unknown if men are from lord of war.
Young men, to be true, wage wars
for the fancy of swords, powder & horses
alike, but not for the want of fame or horses.

Unknown if women are from Venus.
To be true, beauty is not theirs,
its in men, theirs only mate
as can’t be learnt by them, to their fate.

Hearts of men, on which the nations
fate hangs, desperately need companions
to be comforted, unlike money, that brings
common needs in the form of material things.

Modern life is a world of ready wealth,
with spontaneous wisdom breathed by health.
Lost are true friends, who today only, exist in prose
& can’t between them, stand the differences which arose.

with warm regards


Marian said...

interesting, true friends exist only in prose. something to think about on these here interwebs.

i also came by to say this: As Poets United celebrates its first anniversary this week, we want to thank you for your support. Over the past year, we have grown to 250 members plus and are steadily growing. Poets United is proud to have you as one of our members and look forward to another successful year. Your imagination, creativity and willingness to share with us is what makes our community such a wonderful place. Thank you for beautiful poetry and thank you for being a part of Poets United.

Jingle said...


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