Friday, June 10, 2011

Keeping It Simple Silly

Hello Everyone,

  I dare say, that this post is not for all the book-worms (fanatics who want to consume everything in English literature). This post is about a new business model called

   What is this? Well, is a special website promoting the habit of reading to people who are too busy to enjoy the happiness in books, articles and jokes alike

    This website, is free for one and all to join. Once you join, you can choose a book or two which you want to read. The website shall send you mails, consisting of content of the book. You can select the frequency at which you want to read. You shall receive the literature in mail, everyday, at the specified time and at chosen frequency.

    The mail, is usually small enough to be read in say about five minutes. Thereby helping everyone to read in this fast paced world. Letting you know the joy of reading, letting you to carry on with your life and helping you to read the good old books which you always wanted to read.

    Note the books are shared in mails and in RSS, to help you choose which is comfortable for you.

   Try out the website. I recommend it to one and all. You know of any such good websites?? Do share with me please!! Don't you think, this is good service??? Let me know what you think about the same. 

with warm regards


Hashim said...

Great post ,and great info

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