Thursday, June 16, 2011

What to write upon??

Hello Everyone,

 Hope everything is going cool at your end!! Well, at my end?? It is kind of fine!! For god is gracious upon me!! Good health, Job, Peace of Mind, so on!!! (Don't envy me!! Ha Ha!!)

 Of late, I almost lost the habit of blogging!! Searching for topics!! Well, I must say not with great vigor / discipline .. for I am unable to find something to write upon!! Probably this is called Writers block!! Is it??? Or is Writer's block just a name given to our laziness??

   So, kindly suggest some good prompts!! Writing prompts with which I can start blogging again!! Well, ask me questions / dare me to write a flash fiction on something cool!!

   In mean time, let me search for the all time famous Blog-Fests and Flash Fiction challenges!! You felt like this anytime?? What did you do to keep on blogging???

with warm regards


Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

Writing is how you get past the "block" and you are on your way. Prompts are all around you in the simple things of life. Sometimes we miss the true inspiration because we keep looking for the flash.
Relax and see the world around you.

August said...

Good advice: "relax."

If you're really stuck, try setting a timer for ten minutes and free-writing about any topic. The key is to keep writing. Keep your fingers typing. Type "I don't know what to write I don't know what to write I don't know what to write" until some other idea presents itself.

Sheila Siler said...

Try this site

Abhishek said...

@ Sheila Siler,

thanks a million for your advise !!!

Will visit the site for sure!!!

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