Thursday, June 9, 2011

Doll Heads!! Beauty in broken things???

Hello Everyone,

       After long long time, I am participating in one more of those awesome blog-fests / flash fiction challenges. This one is by The concept is simple. Write a thousand word fiction story, after soaking in the inspiration the prompt gives us. Well, the prompt is the beautiful picture of the doll heads here.

       I am currently reading the "MAN and SUPERMAN" by George Bernard Shaw. So my fiction is influenced by the style of George Bernard Shaw. I hope, the influence on style can be overlooked. Here is my fiction:


ANN. What a shocking flirt you are, Jack!

TANNER. A flirt!! I!!

ANN. Yes, a flirt. You are always abusing and offending people, but you never really mean to let go your hold of them.

TANNER: Please do make your accusation clear. Where on this earth, have I offended anyone my dear lady

ANN: Don't call me that. Annie [she said, pouting at TANNER]

TANNER: Not so easy. Someone has pounded sound mannerisms into me. I am sorry.

ANN: What do you mean by, beauty is in the eye of beholder and people are ashamed to enjoy beauty of something that has a defect?

TANNER: What can I tell you, my lady. Look at the doll heads here.

ANN: Ha, what on the earth are these broken heads doing here?

TANNER: Sorry my lady. They aren't broken. They are new. I need to work on them, a lot, to make them into dolls.

ANN: And sell them, one penny a piece???

TANNER: No, No. God is merciful on me. It is a pastime of mine. This is one of arts.

ANN: Jack?? Arts?? Arts are paintings, music and dance. Why don't we go for a dance.

TANNER: Not yet my lady. Art is the profession of creating something beautiful out of nothing, out of everything commonplace and out of imagination. My lady, no child loves a baby doll, made out of gold, but has no beauty, has no chubby cheeks, has no rosy lips and has no blue eyes.  . What once were dolls of beauty & joy, once broken, become trash, fit to be thrown away and nothing else.  What went wrong, I ask, in continuing to derive pleasure and continuing to play with a broken doll?
Why are we ashamed of our own kids when they play with broken doll?? Doesn't kid have any emotional attachment towards the doll? Should we forcibly send it to trash and without the knowledge / consent of the kid? Beauty is in commonplace. In these so called stupid, old, useless, idiotic, broken, not good looking baby doll heads, though if I may say, is nothing compared to your beauty

ANN: [Flushing] thank you

TANNER: [Completing the doll on which he
is working], if I may, young lady, a small token of gratitude for your pleasant company [kneels and offers the doll in his hand]

ANN: My pleasure, I would like to leave, with your consent

TANNER: Though I wish, you stay back, my lady, it is time for your meal. A cab awaits you and my parlormaid shall show you the way.


        Well, I know it is kinda short. But, I guess it is fine with 375 words or so. What is your opinion about the story? Do you think, we should enjoy the beauty of something broken, even when I can afford a new one?? Should I snatch something away from a kid, just because it is broken / has a flaw?? 

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with warm regards


Carla said...

I tend to let my kids keep toys they are enjoying, even when they break (unless, of course, the breaking makes them un-safe). My daughter is also a big fan of duct tape. ;)

Leo Godin said...

I really like the concept of art being the creation of beauty, not just defined art forms. Also, good use of dialog. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

A "perfect" world is a boring world. And often the best-loved toys are the ones which are "imperfect" from use. :)

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