Thursday, June 23, 2011

Love Robots -- Flash Fiction

Hello Everyone,

This post is in response to the wonderful flash fiction challenge on the!! The concept is as simple as writing a 1000 word fiction story, which tells out your opinion on loving robos!! Isn't it cool??  So, lets not waste anymore time!! Here we go

"Here is the tool set you have asked for!!! For Christ's sake, why do you need it so bad??" , spoke Jack, coming into my room, wet from the rain

"Ha Jack!! Thanks a million.  My apologies for the trouble. It is Ann. I know I could rely on you for the tool set!!"

"What happened to your tool set??"
"I don't maintain one!! The screwdriver and the hammer are missing!!"
"Tools come handy man!! You must care for them!! Check out, this hammer is the favorite of my grandpa!! he wouldn't allow 
anyone of us to bring a new hammer into the home though this  one has become rusty and old!! So .. what is the trouble now?? You are in your working clothes?"
"Well, take a look at this!! Nasty right?"
"Not really!! What happened to it??"
"It accidentally slipped over the stairs. Ann isn't ready to have food unless, it is repaired. Ann isn't accepting the new one I have ordered!! See how cool the new one is!!"
"Red!! Ann doesn't like red!! But, this new one has much better looks"
"It isn't about the color. Ann feels, they are humans. Ann feels she is attached to the 'Kid-320G'. The red one there is 'Kid-550G', a hundred times more advanced. Plays with you, talks to you, drinks tea, plays music and dances in three different modes"
"Attached?? k!! So, she doesn't want a new play - buddy? or what is it??"
"She is okay with as many new play buddies as I can get her! Ann doesn't throw away her old toys!! What are these?? Lifeless Electro-mechanical toys!! Can't she understand it?" Shouted I, fixing the leg of the play buddy!!
"Hmmm!! And how did this accident happen??" asked Jack, curiously knowing that I have something to do with it!!
"Well, it was accident!! Liz fell down from strairs", explained I, cursing myself for having to repair this stupid doll!!
"Liz?? Who is Liz??" asked Jack much more curiously
"Well, this broken Kid-320G is called Liz!! My goodness!! Stupid girl, gives names to robo toys and insists on us, following the naming conventions!! Stupid Ann"
"Oh!! Liz fell down" exclaimed Jack, fixing the eyes
"Almost done there!! Ain't it?? Does it look like brand new one??"

"Yeah, except for this fracture point!! Everyone can tell out a poor welding from good one"
"Ha!! I think, I better get her a new one!! Should convince Ann" spoke I, just before Ann ran into the room! Silly girl was listening to our conversation from upstairs, eagerly waiting for us to complete operation restore on Liz
"Thanks Uncle Jack, Thanks Mr. Jeff" exclaimed a very happy Ann. Ann is good girl with great mannerisms, always happy attitude except for her madness in concluding every robo as human!! She feels robo's must be loved!! My foot!!
"So, is Ann happy now?? Does Liz want a chocolate??" sang Jack, in his sing-song voice , playing with Ann
"Why don't you throw Liz away and take a new one? Liz has a ugly scar, see!!" I said, bending over to show the scar!!
"Ha!! Mr. Jeff, Liz is happy this way!! The scar hurts and pains Liz!! Liz wants me!! Please don't throw her out!!" requested Ann with her huge cute eyes!!

So you feel Ann loves robots?? What do you feel like?? Want to read some of my entries for other flash fiction challenges? Please do go through the same here:

with warm regards


Misha Gerrick said...

I noticed the love from the way that the two adults are going through the obvious effort needed to fix Liz. You also notice how much they must love Anne.


christian Yorke said...

Wow, what a wonderful story! I absolutely loved the use of exclamation marks and question marks! The dialogue was smooth and convincing and I am about to enjoy some of your other work.

Best wishes,


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