Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Write A Letter Wednesday!!

Hello Everyone, 

    This post is in response to Write a Letter Wednesdays held by Joise on her blog.  The concept is simple, Joise gives the theme for the letter (which usually is very generic *Giggles*) and we are supposed to write a letter!!!

   This weeks theme is to give advise in the letter!! So here is my letter

Dear Annie,

   Happy to listen from you after long long time. High school was really very very cool and I enjoyed it like hell only coz of you and your never fading smile

   I was thinking about what you said the other day, I am still deeply pained due to the issue. You know why, I always listen to you?? You know why, I still didn't forget your DOB?? You are a girl, who smiles often, tries to be happy in company of others, tries to help everyone out and share happiness with everyone!!

   Helping everyone and being good to all!! Is that the problem you are having?? Is John breaking up because you are social and care for everyone?? I think, he is damn stupid!! Curse him!! I can only imagine the pain you are going through!! I can understand how hard it would be for you and can't think what your heart will say, the next time you are trying to help someone out!! 

   All I gotta request you, All I gotta advise you is to be yourself!! Changing yourself now is not gonna help anyway!! So, simply forget everything and keep on loving everyone!! Have faith!! Keep smiling!! 

with warm regards


So?? Is the letter good?? Are you able to understand the concept?? Is it good?? Let me know!! I lost the habit of writing letters long after my high school thanks to the chat and instant message options available online!!

Readers of my blog, do you think that I write for praise?? My question after every blog post is the same "DID YOU LIKE IT??" *Scratching my bald head* Is something wrong with me??

with warm regard


Josie Two Shoes said...

I think this was a wonderful letter to your friend, and it really was excellent advice too. We can only be ourselves. When we try to be something else to please somebody, we fall short and usually end up disappointing them and us, and also in the long term lose track of who we really are. If your friend's partner can't appreciate her love for humanity, she would be better off with someone who does!

I like letter writing because it is direct, thought out communication to someone instead of quick responses like on Facebook, Twitter and texting. I also know how precious it is to recieve an actual handwritten letter in the mail... it is a rare thing indeed now days!

You did a great job with this prompt... and you were the first to respond to the post! :-) I am glad you have decided to join us at Write A Letter Wednesday. You should check out Monday Memories too, perhaps you could write a memory to share there!

We are all concerned to know how our readers are responding to our posts, if they find them interesting or boring, good or poorly done. It is only natural to want our efforts to be understood and appreciated. That's what I like about blogging... it's a good place to share and find people who think like we do! I hope you will keep writing, and just like you advised your friend - be yourself, that will make the best result of whatever you write about!

~Josie Two Shoes~
Two Shoes In Texas 
Monday Memories
Write A Letter Wednesday
Words In Motion

Abhishek said...

Blogging is really a good place to share everything!! Cheers!!!

Kumar Raja said...

I liked it dude..

Bethe77 said...

I enjoyed your letter and advice to your friend. I think we all need to be ourselves and not soemthign we arent.
Keep writing
Visiting from Write a letter Wednesday

WritersLiPP said...

Hey you. Okay, so first, yes your letter is good and your advice is better. It is critical in this day and age to be ourselves. Second, It's always good, don't ask. Just be. And finally, thanks for the tip on the font size. Done! I appreciate it. Happy Wednesday. - Lindy

Abhishek said...

@WritersLiPP & @Bethe77, thanks for your kind words!!

@Kumar, happy to see you here!!

Amanda said...

I think that was very good advice!

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