Monday, June 13, 2011

Making a Disciple of yourself

Hello Everyone,

    Hope your weekend went really well and godspeed to you for the week ahead. Well, mine was kind of excellent. Parting, Enjoying and Sneaking out under the nose of my oldman.

   Well, yesterday was my first visit to RamaKrishna Math, a human resource development center with intention to develop myself (personality development). Well, it was kinda very very cool.

    The speaker on the dais, was speaking about discipline and was saying "Self - Discipline is the art, in which we become  a disciple of  ourselves." Well, though the statement is catchy by nature, I didn't really like it much. I just want to share the salient features in the art of disciplining ourselves with everyone around. They are:
  • Awareness: Being aware, of our goals, our ambitions and our current status. 
  • Coming out of Comfort Zone: By running that extra mile
  • Working Hard: Consciously working hard
  • Time Management: Remembering that our days are numbered and our life must be lived to fullest.
  • Perseverance: Never quit irrespective of anything else.
   These are the five principles needed to discipline ourselves. The reason, I liked the speaker is very very simple. He speaks to us, people who need motivation and not for machines / already motivated men. He touches your heart, by citing examples, by using good use of speaking aids (presentation/video..)

Gotta learn a lot from this man, about oration. Well, I hope you all know about my goals. I am gonna come out of my comfort zone from today!! BanZai!! It means, more regular posting on the blog!! BanZai!!

What do you feel, about the definition of discipline?? Do you think the speaker is cool?? What are your goals and how do you think, you shall go forward?? Do let me know please!! For I am in bad bad need of motivation!!

with warm regards


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