Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hello Everyone,

 How is life going on?? Hope everyone is enjoying!! Well, this weekend is kind of boring to me, but still enjoying!!! 

   Everyone remembers the scene in "The day after tomorrow?" when, the Dennis Quaid recalls how his young son behaved as a child??  While he Sela Ward are waiting for the call? Recall it here:

Sam and I went with my sister.
You were in Alaska...   
...doing research on your doctorate.   
Remember what he was like
when he was that age?
Everything was "one more."   
One more bedtime story. One more ride
on my shoulders. "One more, Daddy."

My life now is very similar. After the exams, in the first week of this month, everything is one more!! 

One more lazy day, One more party, One more reason to become glutton, One more late night, One more nap, One more .... 

Hope one day, I would start working hard!! And I would change my day into One more novel, One more 1000 words milestone, One more book to read, One more blog post to be published, ... 

Ha!! What is your memorable quote from that movie??? You liked anything in it???

with warm regards


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