Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another Beginning

Hello Everyone,

    Hope everything is going fine with you all and god is showing his grace upon all of you (just the way, he is showing it upon me)

      Well, I couldn't post anything here from long time due to my graduation exams. I done with them for now and gonna wait for the next winter. They went well, due to prayers and wishes of friends, but had I prepared a little more, had I shown a little more interest in the same, I would have surely fared much better!! Can't help now .. "No use .. crying over spilled milk .. right??"

      So now that I have some free time, I would like to revamp this blog, build very huge audience base with the kind and generous support you all are giving to me. I would like to soak  in the joy of blogging. I am gonna start a new technical blog to help everyone out there who is taking AMIE exams.

My goals for the next few months include:

  • Exercising to reduce weight at a constant pace of about 2kg/month
  • Saving bucks to buy my dream bike for my next birthday (13/12/1990)
  • Completing the book, about which, I almost forgot after working on it for fifteen days
  • Gaining at least 250 followers by the end of the year on this blog
  • Learning a new language (preferably Tamil)
  •  Become a gem @ programming and also learn web development

       Well, the list is open, for I would like to add things to the same whenever possible and put my efforts in a disciplined manner from now on. 

     Hope all of you stay with me, during the times  when I struggle  to pour life into my dreams and help me out with suggestions, inspiration and prayers. What are your dreams? Do you really believe that prayers help you achieve your dreams? Want me to pray for any of your dream?? Do let me know!!!

with warm regards


Poets United said...

Good luck with all those goal...keep some poems coming most of all!

Angela said...

My dreams look a lot like yours, especially the writing part. Although if I were honest, I'd probably put more thought into losing some weight. Good luck on your writing journey.

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