Friday, August 31, 2012

Book Feature -- Hatred Ridicule and Contempt

Morning All,

Today I have, David Cooper featuring his book  Hatred, Ridicule and Contempt
 Called upon to defend an acrimonious libel action on behalf of an important newspaper client, newly appointed law firm partner Alex Harris never once expected to find his efforts impeded by wanton disregard for ethics and blatant self interest that crossed all boundaries. Not only on the part of his opponents, but also those he should have been able to trust implicitly and without question...

What must he do to withstand the onslaught against his clients’ interests – and his own? How far, in his battles both external and internal, would he be able to resist the pressure to sacrifice principles for expediency? To reject integrity and fall into line? To forego a rocky and twisted path in favour of a quiet life?

Hatred, Ridicule and Contempt. A high calibre courtroom drama with many unexpected twists as one man stands up against conformity and the easy way out.


Wishing David Cooper all success
Abhishek Boinapalli


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