Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Publishing Experience -- SJ Byrne

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Today I have, SJ Byrne the author of My Butterfly telling us about her publishing experience.


Hello readers!

This is my first blog tour and I’m really excited by the experience. I find it funny as an author I have a difficult time coming up with topics to blog about. I know I could sit down and ramble on about this and that...but what do readers REALLY want to know?

I have no clue! (Insert embarrassed laugh here) Sooo, I’m going to wing it – hope that is okay!

There are a lot of interesting things going on in the publishing world these days. Books that are crap are becoming widely popular, while those that are astounding go unnoticed by the masses. Authors have been heard to say they wished they’d never written the series that changed their lives forever, and it got me thinking. Which would I prefer...fame/fortune or...not.

As an author struggling to produce a second novel, while working forty-five plus hours a week and raising my daughter with the help of dear old mom, this is something I’d think would be an easy choice to make. Fame and fortune would allow me to sit at home every day and plug away at the many ideas running rampant through my head. Wouldn’t it? Fame and fortune would remove all the woes taking up precious space in my head, thus making room for more creative thoughts to come barreling through. Wouldn’t it?

Maybe...maybe not.

Fame and fortune bring about their own set of woes and issues. Look at what J.K. Rowling has gone through because of Harry Potter’s wild success. Sure most authors would give an ear (because we need our hands to write!) to achieve that level of accomplishment...but would we really? Think of everything the woman has had to give up and change in her life. Being a superstar in any field has its ups and downs. Once you have attained that, there is no going back. We can sit in our mediocrity and wish for bigger things, but are we certain that is what we want?

Have we analyzed it from every angle and said, “Yup, I want the entire world to know my face and judge my works as though they are the whole of who I am.”? In essence, that is what happens when writers reach that level of achievement. I’ve seen it small scale through the reviews of many indie authors I know. I’ve even caught myself doing it from time to time. (Hanging head)

I think I’ve come to understand that I’d love for my books to be wildly popular, but I’d prefer to make a steady living off them that would afford me the ability to keep writing at any pace my muse sets for me. I have no delusions of grandeur waiting to be manifested...I only want to write and share those stories with anyone willing to read them.

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Kittie Howard said...

Beautiful words. You write for the purest of reasons. And because of that, fame might be yours -- with a dash of fortune, I hope -- yes, a healthy, happy dash to float a decent boat!

SJ Byrne said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment Kittie!!! =)

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