Sunday, August 12, 2012

Guest Posts -- Jill Paterson

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Today I have Jill Paterson the author Murder at the Rocks  of speaking about his thoughts on Marketing As A Bind.

Many authors see marketing as a bind. What are your thoughts?

    I can see how many authors would see marketing as a bind because it does take time away from one’s writing.  In the past, of course, it was much more likely that, other than a few appearances and book signings, the author would be left, undisturbed, to write his or her book(s) while the publisher did the marketing.  Today, however, unless you’re someone like James Patterson, publishers aren’t willing to spend time and money marketing your book(s).  So, whether you’re traditionally published or self published you need to develop an author platform and participate.

        Of course, some authors enjoy marketing and the interaction that comes with it while others shrink at the prospect.  Even so, it’s a time consuming activity whether we’re talking social media, book signings or talks to organizations.  Social media particularly can be a trap unless you set yourself limits on time spent there.

       But let’s look at the positives.  When has an author ever had the opportunity to advertise his or her book(s) as we are able to do today on all these wonderful web sites, and at no cost?  Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook to name just a few.  And then there is blogging.  Not only is a blog free to set up, but even the most computer illiterate of us can manage to create something unique.  There again, it’s not for everyone but if you do enjoy blogging it enables you to interact with your readers as well as other writers.  And while I don’t think a blog necessarily sells book(s) it will enhance your image as a writer, and be a place you can show your book(s).  And let’s not forget that you also have an opportunity to write articles you may otherwise never have written.

     So, my thoughts are that I’m more than happy to do marketing because, though time consuming, there are many positives.  One of these is the people you meet on the way.  And I wouldn’t miss that for the world.

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What are your thoughts on marketing by authors / writers?  Is it necessary or should one let the agent take care of it??

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