Thursday, August 2, 2012

Character's Perspective - Bobby Jay

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 Today, as part of OrangeBerrySummerSplash I have Bobby Jay the author of Bobby Jay: Stick & Stack Are Alive, a book that falls into the genre Children's Humor Book. Today, he speaks about some of his memories as a kid. Here we go:

Well, I'm not sure what adul... adole... that big word means, but I think it means being a kid. Sure, I have some best and worst memories about being a kid.
Smelly dog, ugly dog, bath a dog, bath with dog
Dog In Bath

My best of my best memories is when I found Ug. He's my dog. He's the ugliest dog I've ever seen! That's why I named him Ug. It was really fun having him at school. He smelled bad, so I gave him a bath in the Janitor's closet. Then I smelled bad. He pushed that dumb old Peggy May in the mud when Miss Alice chased us outside. He didn't have a home, so Mom let me keep him. I always wanted a dog. That is one of my best memories, even better than when I got my snake, turtle, ant farm and all the other pets I have in my room that Mom doesn't know about. Ug is my best friend.

Smelly dog, dog smelling bad, bad smell dog, dog
Smelly Dog
I have a lot of worst memories. One of my worst memories is having to write that dumb story for teacher! If I hadn't had to write that story, then that dirty, rotten, thief drawer wouldn't have gotten me in trouble and Stick and Stack wouldn't be alive! Stick and Stack messed up the school and I just know somehow they are gonna mess up my life, too. I'll be following them around playing Junior Janitor forever! Besides writing that story, any memory I have of Peggy May is the worst, too! I just don't like that Peggy May at all! Well, sometimes I like her, but mostly I don't. I liked her when I smelled bad and gave her a hug. I liked her when I pushed her in the mud. I don't really like her, though. She's just one big, bad, memory to me, and it all started when she invited me to her birthday party, and then never invited me again! What's wrong with her anyway? She's just mean and she is my worst ene... memory!
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Ugly dog or Beautiful dog, whatever it is, a boy always wants a dog for sure. Alas, I couldn't keep one. Do you have an adventure to share related to dogs? Do let me know for sure. 

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P.G. Shriver said...


What a wonderfully written post! Thank you so much! And here's a little dog story for you:

My husband and I went to adopt a puppy at the Humane Society not long after we started dating. The puppy went with us everywhere. He was our first (child). During our job in Oklahoma City, a 7 hour drive for us, we left him in the hotel room while we worked or went to dinner. On our first night there, I checked the yellow pages for a restaurant for dinner. We left Rolley in the room. When we returned, he had pulled the phone book off the bed and shredded it. He could barely reach the top of the bed, so it must have took him a few tries. The phone book was about four inches thick. We couldn't even see the carpet in the room, and he sat right in the middle of it with a big, puppy grin on his face, wagging his tail! All we could do was laugh and clean up the mess!

P.G. Shriver

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