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Guest Post -- Paula Boyd

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     Today I am posting An Interview with Jolene Jackson by Paula Boyd, author of Hot Enough to Kill, the 1st Jolene Jackson Mystery

The following is an interview with Jolene Jackson (a character in the book) during one of her forced sojourns back to her hometown of Kickapoo, Texas. Things have been a bit "tense" for Jolene lately, and consequently, she's in a bit of a "mood." So, I'll apologise in advance for whatever might come out of her mouth.
PB: So, Jolene, how are things going?
JJ: I'll tell you how things are going--badly, very, very badly--and you know exactly why. But, if you need me to tell you that I'd rather be back on my cool mountaintop instead of sweltering in the Texas heat, dodging bullets and trying to keep my mother out of trouble, then fine, I just did.

PB: Speaking of that, what are your long-term and short-term goals these days?
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Murder Cartoon
JJ: Well, as it turns out, my short-term goal is to freakin' live long enough to get back to my regular life in Colorado. My long-term goal is to stay there. However, since my mother has gone totally bonkers, developed a disturbing affection for firearms and wound up in jail after her still-married mayor-boyfriend was murdered, that doesn't seem likely, now does it?

PB: Well, those things usually start in childhood. What are you best and worst memories from adolescence?JJ: The best is Jerry Don Parker, of course. The worst? Well, there's a can of worms. Given that I just had to collect my mother from jail--she's a murder suspect and confirmed  perpetrator of assault with a deadly purse--just how do you think growing up with Lucille Jackson as a mother worked out for me? Odds are pretty good that there are a few lingering "issues" here and there.

PB: Surely there's something good going on for you?
JJ: Yes, and I just named him--Jerry Don Parker. He's my old high school sweetheart and I've been in love with him for about 25 years. Pesky little problem or three with that though. For one, he's the sheriff who arrested my mother. For another, he has a gorgeous ex-wife that still seems pretty smitten with him and two young kids to deal with. And, minor detail, I live 700 miles away. Still, there's a pretty hot mutual attraction thing going on, and if my mother will behave long enough, we might have a chance to see where that goes. To the Hilton would be a nice start.
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Love FireArms

PB: Yes, well, back to dealing with the problems. Isn't an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure?
JJ: Perhaps in some alternate universe. I have zero control over anything that goes on here and you very well know it. Don't you think if I could prevent my mother and the rest of the gun-wielding lunatics in these parts from doing stupid things that I would have by now?

PB: Good point. But where's the fun in that?
Please Note: JJ is main character in the book and this interview is an act  of promotion aimed at making the reader understand the story a little. Hoping that everything will settle down for JJ and that she would be awesome in the book Hot Enough To Kill. Don't forget to join the giveaway here:
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