Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2 tips for Writers

Hello Everyone,

It can look little funny that I am giving tips. Well, might be! I just intend to share all that I know and have some fun all the way!!! So here are the CatchyTips for writers today:

Everything Exists Behind Your back??
    "Since I said so" is that the standard logic behind why half a dozen characters appeared at right place in right time in your WIP? Is that the reason why everyone in the story knows the background details of troubled characters even though they never shared? Well, then I think, you must stop writing fiction and design some cartoons!! No offense

    I am big fan of Cartoon Network and the various cartoon shows they produce. One of the striking features around which cartoon shows are built is "Everything exists behind your back rule". Imagine, Tom chasing Jerry, Jerry takes a swift turn, Jerry takes out a hammer from a pocket and bangs Tom and starts running again.

    Ha ha, I can understand how you would be laughing out loud now and yet wondering for a moment, where did that hammer come from? and then dismissing the thought saying, it is just a cartoon!! Do you want your book also thrown aside after being ridiculed by some critique?  In Cartoon Network, everything exists behind your back / inside your pocket from hammers to anvils to pianos to swords. Not in real world, not in novels. So just remember the rule whenever you are prompted to complete a story in hurry without developing the plot elaborately looking into all details.

Perfect Characters??
    Ever wrote / read about characters with ample knowledge, right looks, right amount of luck, tons of money and perfect in anything else? (Not asking about prince / princess of your dreams). Such characters exist but don't allure audience. Yeah, you read it right!! They don't allure people around us.

    Harry potter, could be like Draco Malfroy, rich, beautiful, famous, blah blah. Harry wasn't like that, he is just a normal boy and was like all of us. isn't he? Would Harry allure us all then? Would you have read the series twice had it been like that? I wouldn't have.

    Readers just don't read a character. They relate the characters and the traits to real people all around unless you are writing a cartoon / superhero sequel. Humans are not perfect in themselves, they have doubts, confusions, dreams, weakneses, strenghts and lot more. Every character in a book must have these traits and must depict someone among us.;

   Any novel, can be summarized into a single page probably single paragraph if you are running low on stationary . The plots are all but a single idea. The plot can be simple or complex in nature,but the speciality of novel lies, in how the plot evolves, how the characters take part in it, how the plot is naratted, how hints are given here and there in form of sub-plots and how everything is linked together. Not in just hurrying up or not just in increasing the word count.

What have you got to say about this? Anyone contradicting me? Don't forget to have a look at Similar CatchyTips for writers on this blog

with warm regards


Anonymous said...

LOL, nice analogy!

I agree, characters have to be human with flaws and imperfections for readers to feel connected. ;)

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