Friday, March 11, 2011

Bucket List BlogFest

Hello Everyone,

This post is for Bucket list blogfest, here is the concept, I am supposed to write about what I want to before my next birthday. The logo for the same is very very cool . It is the same one shown here.

Well, My dreams are very very simple yet complex in themselves:
  • Earn a lot. I want to earn so much property that I have a passive income of at least 20k bucks every month due to returns from property.
  • I wanna exercise a lot and come down to overweight category from Obese category
  • I wanna complete at least two works and get my first work published
  • I wanna win the heart of my girl who is still in a state of dilema
  • I wanna learn dancing, playing guitar and sing at least once a week for my girl. She just loves songs.
  • I wanna get going with my further studies and do a lot more!!!
  • Establish myself as a cool blogger. 

         I dunno if I can achieve all the above goals but one thing is sure, I wanna have fun all time and be happy irrespective of anything else for 95% of time

Well, Not everything is as easy as told. I have my problems (read shortcomings)  which hinder me from putting my efforts. I still constantly remind myself of my dreams and recite my pledge and keep on dreaming about my future. 

with warm regards


Mo said...

Thanks for participating! I like your list :) Go for it!

KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

Great goals! very specific!

Examorata said...

Defining your dreams is the best first step!

Trisha said...

I think your list is a great one, and it's good to have your goals so clearly defined! :D

Marie Rearden said...

'I want to win the heart of my girl.' Love it!

Thanks for sharing!

Marie at the Cheetah

Abhishek said...


Thanks for your comments! Love you all!

It feels good when I know someone as important as you read my blog, and comment on it just to let me know how you feel like and help me improve.

Thanks a lot everyone.

with warm regards

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