Sunday, March 13, 2011

Broken Hearts Blogfest

Greetings of the time everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying the frenzy activity on this blog and my other blog about the blogfests. Here is one more of them. The Broken Hearts Blogfest, which challenges you to write in 1000 words, wretched emotions, the anger, depression, fear, whatever happens after the happy honey-mooon lovey-dove V-day stuff is over and all that is left is a broken heart.

This time, I started reading entries of other participants before trying out my own article. Well, I literally feel like curling myself into moth ball and getting lost into the depths of dark hole. I can never never be as cool as most of these. But no issues, "swimming, staring, swimming, Gills in Gills out" says Trisha from WORD + STUFF. The same way, "read think write" this is how my life shall go on!!

       The following few words, are prologue for short fiction story, I wrote few days back with title "3 things that went wrong with my facebook" not yet published. I dunno how to get it done. So it is safe in the confides of my hard disk.I thought the prologue can be used here: So have a try:

        My world was a sweet dream. I was the luckiest man on earth for I got to know whom I love the most. I had a father who loves money more than anything. I had a job that pays me about $200 at a young age of 19.  I was confident that I could win the heart of my princess, become rich, become popular and of course famous. And I had ample dreams of becoming a huge, successful author. 
        I had to choose poly-technique right after my tenth and job after my poly-technique while my friends were are all enjoying their life @ some college or the other. After my tenth, I lost contact with everyone who was close to me in tenth. I still loved Ms. Ammu with all my heart. It was a secret love. Yeah such things exist. I dunno why. I didn’t meet her for years and yet my love to her was becoming stronger and making my day better, my life happier till now.

          On the fateful morning of Dec 4, the princess of my world, Ms. Ammu, invited me to her home for a get-together. Well everything went well I hope. We all had fun, enjoyed together and had delicious lunch. I was introduced to a young lad that day. Mr. Vinay Ammu’s Boyfriend. Well, I understood what Harry Potter meant by my internals are filled with lead that very moment. I didn’t know what to do then. I also had to hear their story with a smile on my face. A 70mm smile which came from depths of heart. 

          Well, I at least understood how outdated I am. How remote I have become from my own, one time classmates. I couldn’t answer the questions like “What am I?” & “What the hell I am gonna do now?” Could I move on? Is this what is called as break-up? Isn’t this the catastrophe of the century? Half my colleagues were ready to round up Vinay and kick the hell out of him. Will that give me pleasure? Should I start boozing which I didn’t start only because Ammu doesn’t like boozers? Should I be friends with Ammu? I always thought such a day might come, but I was really not prepared to face it my foot, leave the preparations, I am already facing it. Should I disappear from the surface of earth?

Well, I could confide only in Ms. Nami another classmate in this issue. A similar get-together five months back brought both of us into contact. After hell lot of chatting with Ms. Nami, reasoning with my own heart and crying yeah I do cry I decided to join FACEBOOK and do a lot of show, just to hide my tears.

        Hope you loved it, Don't forget to send your entry to the flash fiction challenge I am hosting on this blog. And don't forget to tell me how you feel about this.

with warm regards


Spanj said...

This really gives a great sense of the fragility, naivety and inexperience of this guy's first crush. I hope he's prepared for more heartbreak in the future, bless him!

Abhishek said...

Well, I am sorry to say this, I don't want him to have any heartbreaks in the future!!! Ha Ha!!

thanks for stopping by Ms. Angeline and your post on your blog was awesome!!!

Raquel Byrnes said...

I liked your line, the princess of my heart. Very real to see how much his thoughts revolved around her. Great post.

Wendy Lu said...

This is an awesome entry, really enjoyed it! I liked being able to get inside the character's head like that. You did a great job, well done. :)


Theresa Milstein said...

Love the pictures that go along with the various paragraphs. Poor guy is trying to find his way!

Myne said...

Poor innocent guy, I feel his pain.

Tanya Reimer said...

Oh this is sooo touching. What a nice read.

Abhishek said...


the response is amazing. Happy to know that you all loved this post!!

thanks a million everyone!!

with warm regards

Margo Benson said...

He's such an innocent and you've captured that very well....he'll learn!

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks for entering my blogfest.

While there is a little roughness to this, don't worry so much about comparison to others. You did well with the theme. A broken heart of someone stuck in the past. He doesn't know himself and he doesn't know how to move forward. The fantasy world and addition of facebook makes it interesting. Nice job.

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