Friday, March 11, 2011

March Blog Chain


I was surfing the web just like that and found a blog chain in making. So I decided to join the same. Here are the rules:

  "This month's theme is Surprising Secondary Characters. Write about a secondary character that surprise you in some way. There is going to be two parts, so please read carefully.

Part one: Describe the character in your novel in 50 words or less.

Part two: Post a scene that shows why this character is special in in 100 words or less. 

So here is my entry:

Part One:
       Captain Akshara Shanks is a Captain in Indian Army and is the right person to take on any duty called by army. She is brought up as army brat for call of duty along with everyone else in her family. She wants everyone to address as Shanks and not Akshara

Part Two:
On the way to back , Captain Shanks started reading Dauntless from Lost Fleet Series.
"Good Morning Captain! I hope that thick book is good read" spoke I
"Well, it has a  point,  living in someone's shadow all time. I loved it Sir"
"Oh!! Any experience?"
"Ha!! I seriously wish to convince dad one day, resign my commission and become full time author!!"
"Now Now, ..  Officer of your caliber is needed in Army all time, dear Captain"
"I am ready for call of duty all time Sir. I will be major, then colonel and all such!! What say Sir?"

Well, hundred words are too less I feel. The count here is exactly hundred. Hope everyone got a picture of the character Captain Shanks.

You can know more about the blog chain here and participate in the same. Don't forget to tell me about my entry!!! Is it cool???

with warm regards


Jolene Perry said...

LOVE the name and the attitude that goes with it. Looks like FUN!!
I see you're sporting Ali's ninja badge - she's all kinds of awesome :D

Trisha said...

Hey, it was fun reading about your Captain here - she sounds fun, maybe a wee bit insubordinate around the edges. I like it! :D

Abhishek said...

Ms. Perry,

Thanks for stopping by. Happy to know that you loved the character!!

Yeah, Ali's ninja badge is cool. So is her work.

Abhishek said...

Thanks Trisha,

for your comment. Insubordinate around the edges? Should look into it.

Thanks for dropping by.

J.C. Martin said...

A kick-ass navy girl who wants to be a writer! What's not to like!

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