Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Joke

          I earlier posted a cool excerpt from Winners Stand Alone by Paulo Coelho on my other blog here. I simply am loving it, for it is related to reality of the world of fame and power. I am sure, every aspiring author / artist must go through this book. Here is a simple joke from the book, Just have a look at it:

Introduction to joke:
Igor, a Russian millionaire is talking to a girl who wants to become a actress. 

  "It's lovely here! Do you know why God decided to rest on the seventh day?"
    Igor doesn't understand the question, but she proceeds to explain anyway:
    "Because on the seventh day, before he'd finished work and left the world in a perfect state for human beings,  a group of producers from Hollywood came over to him and said: `Don't you worry about the rest! We'll take  care of providing the Technicolor sunset, the special storm effects, the perfect lighting, and the right sound  equipment so that whenever Man hears the waves, he'll think it's the real sea!' "
Don't forget to grab a copy of Winners Stand Alone here

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