Monday, March 7, 2011

My Pledge

Hello Everyone,

    The most important problem we have is lack of motivation. Ideas and dreams are huge, but action?? So less. So I decided I should have a pledge for myself. Martial music and the stomping of feet always aroused me. So I have designed a pledge for myself. Have a look at it:

  I, Abhishek Boinapalli, am a man of dreams. I am neither afraid nor ashamed to speak about my dreams. I am not gonna limit myself in anything and run behind every single dream of mine.

    I believe I alone am creator of my destiny and shall work for the same with tireless dedication and undeterred spirit with all my might. I will not be deterred due to fear, laziness, procrastination or anything else.

    I would not let jealousy, envy, lust or any other evil intentions to rule the roost in my brain and will love everyone around. In god I trust and In helping nature I believe

    The world as I see doesn't exist. So I will build my own world and live my dreams. 

    Send me suggestions. Have a pledge for yourself?? Post it here.

with warm regards


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