Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3 tips for writers

Hello Everyone,

I am Abhishek, working on my first book these days with all my heart. I just intend to share three important tips that I came across while reading stuff related to writers and such. So here are the CatchyTips for the writers:

Be careful of Praise:
      Praise can be really good. It keeps you going and make you feel awesome. But the praise is simple flattery and you believe in the praise, you are in trouble. You feel you are a good writer who can create a new world and then you realize the sad part some day. Be very very careful of this!! Read More HERE

Read A lot:
       I know authors are unique, they work a lot and create books. But they sure can be categorized. For Eg: Dan Brown, my favorite author, is famous for his research intensive books usually about symbols, cultures and brotherhoods. Matthew Reilly is famous for military fiction and he too does lot of research on weapons, Army and such. 

    Though we are all special, we have a lot in common too. So read a lot about other authors so that you can learn from them. Try to read in your genre and it surely helps.

Being Worried About Rejection:
      I know that being author is tiresome. You really want to write a book and you gather all courage and start working. Half the way down, you feel something is wrong. You look out for inspiration. It's not easy to muster courage now. You feel let down, not many people support you and there is worry about rejection. You stop writing / You start editing the work such that it loses the most essential, most important and most unique part and becomes a normal dull book / You believe that you started on wrong note and decide never to write again. Such things do happen so forget about being rejected and write for the pleasure of writing. This is my simple advice.

A good view on rejection can be found  here.
Many such CactchyTips for writers can be found on this blog. Please do take time to evaluate them!! 

with warm regards


Theresa Milstein said...

Good advice. There's always something we can improve. Critiques and reading will help us get there. As for rejection, some days I handle it better than others.

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