Thursday, March 31, 2011

A-Z blogfest, My daily life

Hello Everyone,

          There are two things about which I wanna blog. About the A - Z Blogfest and about how my daily life is gonna be from now on. I am turning into new leaf, to live my dreams, by putting hell lot of efforts.

         For the A-Z blogfest, I decided what I must do. I will choose a book a day, so that I have 26 books, whose names do start with A - Z. Extract a very very good  quote / excerpt from it, and blog on it. That way, I am sure, I have 26 ideas and that I won't give up the challenge of writing 26 posts.  
         In case, you don't know about the A-Z blogfest, please do find out more about it here and participate in it. Alex J. Cavanaugh, who is hosting the blog, is also giving out cool tips for the blog-fest on his blog.

        And about my life? Ha. I always decide, I am a new leaf from today, and things go the same way. For example, after posting my goals on this blog yesterday, I exercised a little, but didn't maintain diet. I became a glutton by 5 pm !! Ha , well, better luck today.

      But going through the Winners Stand Alone, by Paulo Chelho, I was amazed and got a sense of reality. The winners in that book, weren't conjured out of thin air, thanks to Paulo Chelho, I understood that Winners strive hard, spend sleepless nights on the way to success, work like workaholics and there is lot more than talent and dreams. 

       People say, Genius is 1% inspiration  and 99% perspiration right? I don't need that inspiration, it is inside me I believe so my dreams and the rewards are themselves a inspiration all I need to do now is put efforts, work hard, with tireless enthusiasm and endless zeal. Gotcha!! I will be a big man one day!!

       Well, why am I blogging about all this? Simple, I would like to brag about myself and am sure, that I can keep focused when I write down something on paper here blog and when people encourage me and when someone reminds me as soon as I am going off - track!! Ha Ha!! Why do you blog? Does my reasoning sound good?

         And, I am not putting ample efforts into my novel these days, so with remorse and guilt in heart, I decided to give up the Ninja badge and claim it back once I am happy with the efforts I put. Sorry Ali!!

with warm regards


Beth said...

This was a great way to come up w/ 26 ideas.

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