Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flash Fic Challenge - A2A Tuesday!

lHello Everyone,
These days I am participating in series of blogfests and fiction challenges via my new blog Well, This post is in response to flash fiction challenge by Defying Gravity. The concept of this flash fiction challenge is very very simple. 

The blogger, Jamie Wyman, would give us, three nouns and two adjectives randomly. We are all supposed to create a fiction story out of it in thousand words or less.

You are all pepped up right?? Yeah, Me too, So this week's words are: "Boy Scouts", "Six-Pack", "Jack Nicholson",  "Friendly" and "Luscious". Here is my entry
My dad's Six Pack
        "My dad,  Jack Nicholson, was one of those  boy-scouts who 20 years later,  still remember the slogan 'Be Prepared' ", Bartha started narrating to her fellow scouts in the tent.

      "He always told me and my brother, why he exercises everyday and still has six-pack abs. In one of the camping mission, dad was the second. He and his sixer, lost their way in the jungle, and started exploring the woods trying to get back to base. It became dark, so dad requested his sixer permission to start a fire and retire for the day. 

        The sixer, being a old and experienced man, thought that this may not be right course of action, for there were wild animals all around and they are all far from their mother nation. They were camping in forests of America instead of Australia. Dad wasn't afraid of anything though he knew that there could be a hungry bear nearby. Dad was bronze boomerang and also won his Grey Wolf Award earlier. Dad eagerly wanted to meet a bear and kill it. Dad was strong, six feet tall and could kill a bear with his boomerang which he gave me now" boasted Bartha before Rhone cut her short saying "No cub scout can be six feet in height!! Ha Ha!!" 

           "Well, my dad is special. I am telling about dad now. Ha Ha!! Dad was four feet in height then, but was still strong and could kill a bear with empty hands. No no!! He could kill two bears! Dad was about to sleep when he heard the bushes moving, Dad took his boomerang into his hand and his senses were all alert and high. Dad could see everything go slow around him and was ready to kill whatever came out of the bushes. The sixer was still asleep and suddenly a grizzly bear sprang out of the bushes. 

       The bear was an adult one, fully grown and was fierce looking. Dad looked into the eyes of bear and knew that the bear was harmless and friendly. He then decided to go to bed. But he could see that the bear was hungry. So dad went out, fished and fed the bear! The bear rose on its hind legs to bellow and say thanks to dad.

       Dad then saw its six pack abs. He fell in love with them. They were luscious like mom!! giggled ten year old Bartha. The bear understood the look in the dad's eyes and told him, I exercise everyday for my girl. It makes her happy and she loves the six pack. From that day, dad decided to exercise always, for mom! 

      When he meet mom back at the base, they fell in love and dad soon got a six pack for himself by drinking milk everyday. Exercise didn't work.  So I too will get one soon, I can drink a huge tank of milk in one gulp!" chuckled Bartha

Enough of palying camp - camp, Bartha, Ben, Rhone, Liz come down and have your glass of milk shouted mom. The kids soon drank their milk and went to hit the sack
        Hope you loved this entry of mine. I am eager to read your entry. Please do take time to participate the flash fiction challenge I am organizing on my blog.

         Here are links to few cool fiction stories which I have created in recent days for similar blogfest / challenges:  

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