Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nature of Love, A blogfest

Hello Again,

       I just stumbled upon one more, of those cool blogfests. This time by Diamond–Yup, Like the Stone and the name is Nature of Magic. The  task is to "Write or share something you’ve already written that, to you, shows the nature of magic (in 1000 words or less). It can be an excerpt from your WIP, something you’ve written especially, poetry, whatever strikes your fancy. It just needs to show the nature of magic as it exists for you or for those you write about."

Ha, cool concept right?? I gonna give it a try now!

        In the comforts, of these stone walls, today I lay, accused of treason and plotting against our prince. Have I committed treason?  I am not bothered, I just did my duty, well, I just went beyond the rules to complete my duty to the queen and the king. 

cartoon of queen, queen cartoon, princess cartoon
Queen Cartoon
       Her highness, our queen, brought into this world, two beautiful angels and one prince charming. But, the gods decided to punish the king for some reason and one day, when the prince was three years old, he stopped walking. 

        The best healers, doctors, sorcerers and priests couldn't do anything about it. People from far away lands, doctors from the distant allies all tried their best. Our queen, took to bed with grief in her heart and never again, she spoke a word or gave a smile.

           I was the official jester cum care-taker for the prince. The prince, is a good kid. Unlike others, he behaved well, treated his servants with respect and was little sad sometimes I personally think he knows the truth about himself and becomes sad about it. Everyday, at night, I used to read, stories about great kings from far away places, princesses waiting to be rescued, fairies and the heaven. But one day, I read him, a story about a happy magician who with his magic, entertained kids and earned his livelihood.

          My prince was in awe of the magician. This is quite not-him, for he was well educated and is fast learning the realities of life and the burdens he might have to undertake. He wanted to see a magician. Well, a prince can order almost anything. Magicians of fame, have been ordered to put show just for the prince. The prince, didn't like anything, he was looking for someone who made kids happy, not for someone like these buggers Excuse me for my language, I am not supposed to use such words

           I was just thinking and thinking. I just got the word, that a magician, woman, came to town and started entertaining everyone around. I couldn't convince the king that she would be perfect jester for the young prince. The king called me nuts. So I learnt a few tips from her everyday, by paying her most of my pay, and performed them for the prince. Prince was becoming happy all time, and wanted to see the Magician.

           Well, the prince must stay in the palace all time and the entire world is out of bounds for him. The magician won't be allowed into palace without kings orders. So I decided to take my prince to the show, everyday, without notice of anyone else and have been successful in doing so for half past three years, until today. King got to know the word, accused me of treason and threw me here.

           Am I sad? Nope. I still remember how my prince was laughing out loud for every trick of the magician. I thought, he fell in love with that women. His face, was gleaming with pleasure whenever the magician took out a rabbit from her hat, whenever someone yelled "abracadabra alacazam". Whenever a kid was afraid, and started crying, the kid was first to show the kid, how good a place this is and was a favorite among the regular audience.

            I sincerely believed, that the young prince in his mid-teens fell in love with the young magician. I know, what the magic of youth is, I know how people fall in love with someone or the other. The magician, had to stop the show, and go back to her hometown. My prince was little effected with this and wanted her to comeback and put show. 
               He was not ready, to go to shows of other magicians in town, and I accidentally came upon the reason, which was well written in his dairy, as "I saw a magician today, I literally felt I will be able to walk, if she performed magic upon me! I shall wait for my turn". Bless, his kind soul, he believed in her and loved her not, in the way of youth. I thought, I would search for the magician and bring her back, but the prince was stern and wanted to accompany me. I couldn't say no to a prince's order without loosing my head!! So I am here today, and shall find the Magician for him, someday.

              I just did my duty, and someday, I will be relived from this comfort too!! Ha Ha!!!
             Hope you all loved the same. I think of something and start, it turns out to be something else. It's better to let your hands guide right?? Yeah, at-least for me!! 

       There are hell lot of other short stories I have made for similar blogfests in the recent days. Please do have a look at them all. below Don't forget to tell me how you felt about this one!! The others include:

with warm regards


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a story! I love the pics you chose to accompany your entry.

Thanks for joining the fun! Other entrants are posting their excerpts on March 26th. :D

Anonymous said...

Like how you tied the end back to the beginning. Thanks for sharing.

Theresa Milstein said...

I too appreciate the pictures you use to illustrate your words. You have a very distinct writing style. I enjoyed the entry.

Abhishek said...

Thanks one and all for the kind words!!

My oldman would have called me nuts for writing such a story!!!

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