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Harry Potter BlogFest


           Everyone, Here is a rather interesting Blog Fest. The title itself is Harry Potter Blog Fest from the In Time. The concept is simple. ll you have to do is choose which two characters would be YOUR best mates at Hogwarts. You can use any student characters from any book. After you choose your mates, then, all you have to do is write a fun little piece on why and what kind of trio would you be. It's that easy.

Well, My mates would be

Katie Bell,
    All accidents happen around us!!! Brave, stands for right (read what she thinks is right), gives chance to all to show their skill and talent. Never believes in favoritism.

Neville LongBottom:
    Has hidden talent, which comes up when needed. Is interested in herbology and rises to the need of hour (acts as interim leader in absence of harry in seventh year at Hogwarts)

and what would I be?? Probably Dacro Malfroy!! Ha Ha, just kidding, I love to be one of the twins (Weasley Twins) myself. 

            Here is my entry, showing how cool a trio we are, for this entry, I call myself OldMan and the three of us are Death Eaters!! (Ohhhhhh!!!...)

  "Hello OldMan, whats up?" inquired Nevilee
    "Nothing much!! Just brooding over how to improve our ranks"
    "OldMan. Why don't you come up with something? Now that Master is free, why don't we create terror?" said, a pepped up Neville

    "Ha!! remember, Master is not free. The ministry doesn't acknowledge him alive yet. We must not reveal ourselves" warned Kaite

    "I know the right thing to do, the next Yule-Ball, is around. Why don't we?" "Ha, something grand, kill a Mud-Blood?" Kaite interrupted me.

    "Nah!! Let all girls kiss their partners under curse?" hinted Neville from the corner of his eye.

     "Yeah, not bad, but I am still worried about our plans for the Master" spoke an apprehensive Kaite

    "All the muggles on whom we performed the Imperious curse are now behaving well. Our plan is simple from first, put identified muggles under curse, make them polite, gentle , perfect citizen, lovers, caring brothers and kill them at appropriate time" an animated Nevilee started recollecting the plot for our benefit for a thousandth time.

    "The muggles are identified such that their losses would be very very hard to digest for the Muggles and for the Whizarding community!! ha ha Ha" rang my voice. Blimey Am I so evil?

    "How would it be, if we revealed our Animal forms, once we play our part in the Ball?" wondered Kaite


    "That's fine. Just imagine, how sinister the plot becomes, once we let the wizards know that we killed the Muggles, that we brought the muggles close to wizards just to take them away forever!! This is absolute Physiological Warfare!! ha ha" grinned Nevilee with joy

    "Imagine surprise of Dumbledore, when they understand that we are taking the war to new dimensions, Imagine how Harry would feel when he looses his aunt and his cousin, Imagine how pleased our master would be and how our ranks would rise?"

      "You remember those twins, who left the school the other day? They are famous for creating fun stuff right? Let's too create something, a perfume!" suggested Kaite

        "Want to be hawker?" retorted Neville
        "Well, the seemingly harmless perfume, shall consists of those neurotoxins which in long run, would abate the reflexes, intelligence and reasoning of wizards, here Aurors" spoke Kaite to herself

3d perfume bottle, 3d bottle holding perfume, perfume bottle,
Cartoon Perfume Bottle
           "My goodness, kaite, we would all try to make that idea a success but should also ensure, that none of the death eaters are effected by the perfume" warned Neville

           "How good it would be, when the entire wizarding community would be terrorized by us and no aurors to protect them. How would wizards react when they know, that their aurors are dimwits, simpletons and fit for nothing doofers. Would they be able to sleep? Would they dare to cross our paths?" asked I, thinking about the consequences of the plot.


      Hope you guys liked my plot! Hey, I know you are all authors, can I ask you a favor? I just dunno how to write dialogue! People are speaking in the above extract aren't they? Am I showing it / telling it? How do I stop sentences and let my reader know who spoke? I frequently use the words "wondered Kaite / grinned Neville / spoke OldMan / stated Neville / hinted Neville" to tell to readers about the speaker.

Is that fine? Or should I do something else?? Just let me know!!

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Tony Benson said...

I love the idea of Katie and Neville going to the dark side. As for the dialogue, since you've asked - I enjoyed it. Keep up the fun writing and original ideas :-) Great entry.

Marie Rearden said...

I'm so late getting around to all these HP blogfest posts. Sorry!

Katie and Neville would be great pals. Neville especially. Under all that shy-and-awkward, he's got a heart of gold. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Marie at the Cheetah

Deniz Bevan said...

Oh my, Katie and Neville as Death Eaters? Didn't see that one coming!

Abhishek said...

Everyone gotta forgive me for making those Kaite and Neville as Death Eaters!!!

There is no end for imagination right??? Ha Ha!@!!

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