Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Dad's Job

Hello everyone,

I just missed the hone your skills blogfest's deadline. I was actually little busy all day yesterday and couldn't complete this post. Ha, can't help now!! I am posting the entry here anyway!! Just have fun!!

"Hello Mr. Richards, How do you do?" inquired Ms. Maria, class teacher of my seven year old.

"Hello Ms. Maria, Everything is pretty good, of late. How do you do?" responded I, with my ever ready 70mm smile.

"By his grace, everything is fine. I would like to speak with you about your son, regarding his assignment the other day"

"Oh!! Hope, he is not troubling you! By the way, how are his grades doing?"
"Nothing serious, we were all amazed when he wrote this" saying which, she handed over his assignment

After reading the assignment, I excused myself very awkwardly and started to my home. I wanted an explanation for this.

I remember that day very well, I was little upset about my banking service and shouted over my mobile with my banker

"Dad, May I ask you something?" He approached with timidness in him. I was awestruck. My son, afraid of me?
"Ha, John, come to dadda, what do you want? A chocolate?" I spoke, handing him a chocolate.
John, changed back to the same, naughty devil, which he always is. Forgot to say thanks. He fought with me to take the chocolate into his hands and started savoring it. I just noticed, the pad and the paper he brought with him.
"So what does John want?"
"Dad, my teacher asked me what you do?"

"Okay! Now what does dad do?"
"Mom says, you are good man and you feed the doggie.
You play with me and give me chocolates" Said John, biting deeper into the Chocolate. My goodness, My son doesn't know anything about how great his dad is. Ha!!!
"Okay, I live for charity. Is that answer okay for you John?"
"No, I need fibe read five sentences furl read for my assignment"

"Oh, Assignment?? *nods* So John, I will tell you story, My story! Come to me I pulled him near when I was small, like you, I didn't know what to do. As I grew up, I was a bad boy. I always wanted chocolates and cried a lot! You are good boy right? just a nod, its due to chocolate As I kept on growing up, I didn't know what I want to become, I had to choose a career. People like to categorize everyone into engineers / doctors / masons .. and put them into boxes. I didn't like them, I was special, out of box.

I grew up into big fat stupid looking guy. I decided I want to become a prince. So I worked hard, learnt lot of skills and started loving people around. I decided I will set up a charity organization and live for it. So I set up a organization called WhiteBeard, where me, mom and many other people work and make lives of people happy. We help those who are in need.

We play a lot, we talk a lot, we help each other a lot and live like a family. They are all my sons and daughters!! We do disaster management stuff, we take care of lost doggies, we send donations to lot of people all around the world. Grap used to say, I waste all money, but I am happy this way."

"Dad, I want another chocolate, It is for Ben"
"Who is Ben? I didn't meet him till now??"
"Ben is my imaginary friend. His mom is asking him to do his homework now. Once he comes to play with me, I will give the chocolate"
"Oh!! first complete your chocolate. Take these two, share them with Ben" I told, handing him another two chocolates.

And why on the good dammed earth, did my son write "My dad probably had no home, he said he lived out of box. Dad's English is bad and calls home as box. My dad wasted all his money as per Grap and lives on charity. He has lot of sons and daughters whom I never meet! He feeds the doggie because he has nothing else to do."

Hope you loved the same. Just go through other funny stories like these and let me know how you feel about them all. 

with warm regards


Charity Bradford said...

Hey, I'm glad you managed to post something for the blogfest. Thank you for participating.

I thought this story was great. As a parent I know what crazy things our kids come up with. And you really never know where they got it from.

Some of your dialogue is very formal. It's alright to let your characters relax as they speak to one another. This will help your writing feel more natural. Reading out loud will help you feel how close you are to the right phrasing.

Thanks again!

M Pax said...

Thanks for sharing your charming story

Abhishek said...

Thanks a lot for your suggestion Ms. Charity Bradford!!!

I will remind myself of it every time from now on *nods*

Thanks for visiting dear M Pax

Myne said...

This is a lovely little story. And thanks for signing up for my blogfest.

ali cross said...

This was fun, good for your for sharing! Loved how the little boy misinterpreted his dad's story. :)

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