Saturday, March 12, 2011

From the Dreams

Hey everyone, 

I just came to know about another blogfest organized by Here is the rules to participate in the fest:

Seeing the picture of the hotel given?? Write a fiction story around it. Any genre, Any stuff, just 1000 words or less. Share the link. Simple right???? 

Here is my entry!!

From the Dreams
Hello Everyone,

         This is John, I am on a tour to Europe and am gonna stay in this hotel tonight. Looks Scary right?? Well, really yeah! In this hotel started a family legend of ours. Our grandfather in his mid twenties decided to visit Europe with as much comfort his life time savings could provide. He finally started from his hometown Washington DC

        While traversing through London, to save a buck or two and yet enjoy good food and ambiance of the day, my grandfather decided to stay in this hotel for a night. Well, he was pleased by the various services provided by the hotel including a healthy and nourishing dinner, a small orchestra which played music of nineteenth century (read contemporary world) and a luxurious room.

          When he retired for the day, he feel into deep sleep which was not quite of him for he was a very light sleeper In his sleep, he had a dream in which he was wandering the streets of London and was typically amazed by the newly arrived railways. He was lost in thought and walking where the road lead him. A small puppy, probably a week old, stared at him, came to his feet and nudged him. It was trying to lick his black, well polished leather shoes. 

      My grandfather, being an ungodly man, decided to kick the puppy away just before he was moved by the beauty, playfulness and the innocent look of the puppy. He wanted  to take the puppy into his hands, he bent and extended his hands, just then, a well grown stray dog barked at him. He was about to raise his head and look at it, but, in a second or so, the stray was all over him and bit him twice. Enraged, my Grandfather, took out his sidearm and shot the dog in its head. That was a nasty, really nasty way of killing a dog. He then decided to adopt the frightened puppy. But the puppy ran away among all this drama.

       He was searching for the puppy, walking up and down the street, looking into whatever he thought could provide refuge to a frightened puppy. Just then, by grace of god, he walked into a beautiful girl. The most beautiful women he had ever seen for the farms of America don't raise such beautiful women. He just apologized to the young women and got a glance of her face. He was astonished and fell down on his knees and said "A face without freckles is like sky without stars. People wouldn't love it. But you are special young lady. Your beauty is spotless and most admirable. Please marry me"

      Well, the young lady immediately extended her hand, My grandpa took her hand into his, stood, kissed her and started walking down, when the puppy came and nudged him again. He took the puppy and started walking towards the hotel." 

          When he woke up the other day, He called it a bad dream, because he didn't caress the curvy curvy body of the young lady. After breakfast he really wanted to see what the hype about the railways was all about. When he went there, a puppy, the same puppy he saw in his dream nudged him.

       Ha Ha, so from then on, every male of our family, from generation to generation, started visiting this hotel. It is unwritten law in our family that we must choose our better half this way. From the dreams.

The next morning:

Ah Ah!! John was shouting it can't be !!! He told himself a million times It can't be!!! For he saw a male in his dream!! Ha Ha Ha

Hope you all loved my story!! Probably yes, Probably no!! Hey by the way, I am organizing a small flash fiction challenge here. Please do participate in the same.

with warm regards


Joyce said...

Poor John. His dream didn't turn out quite the way he hoped it would, did it? Hopefully all will work out for him and he can break tradition. Funny story.

Anonymous said...

Many more happy dreams for John! :)

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