Monday, March 14, 2011

Delusional Doom Blogfest

Greetings of the time everyone,

One more blogfest, Delusional Doom Blogfest, by Hart Johnson. First things first, please don't curse me, for I am participating in every blogfest, that I come across. I just love them. 

People put up a question / challenge and ask you to take part in it. This is fun in itself. Co-participants are ready to read your work, appreciate your efforts and pass a comment or two to help me become better. This is cool right? Yeah, it is, I know.

Coming back to Delusional Doom Blogfest, the concept is simple, someone has to die and the death must be either very strange, unusual, bizarre...conspiratorial... or that the reporting be entertaining. 

So here is my entry:

"I dunno why. I just wanted to" is my standard reply whenever I had to explain, to someone, why I was doing something odd, something out of box, something which people thought required explanation.

Well, not me, I did everything till date with all my heart and never in my heart, I had a regret, for long back, I swore to myself "No regrets in this life".

People wanted to know, what I intened to become, What I intended to achieve, what path I intended to choose and whom I would follow.
People wanted to know whether I am a man or a monster? For the simple reason, they were all worried what I would become? will I bring destruction onto them? or will I deliver them?

Ha, I became a sea man, the captain of Mobi  my ship and the old man for twenty and hundred sons and daughters of these troubled times, who took to sea, in quest for freedon, joy and rommance, which couldn't be found in the civilized world.
Pirate Ship simple drawing, How to draw a pirate ship, pirate ship
Pirate Ship Simple Drawing

My fellow men, laughed at me, when I declined treasures of gold and silver. Men on the deck, called me nuts, when I stood against merciless looting and Men in uniform never made it till me.

Well, many a people, wondered, about my wants and my goals? Do I have a goal? I wouldn't kill someone without need, wouldn't loot someone's treasure and accepted every free soul, who boarded Mobi, as my son and daughter. All I wanted was a family, who would stick to each other, irrespective of anything.

The voyage was long one. Moby joined me first, then John, then Mark, then Lucy and so on, till I lost count of barrels of rum we needed in a day. I enjoyed it always and stood strong for myself, for my heart and for my dreams, behind the skull and bones.

Today, I am not on Moby. I am walking into hell, one big hell and am gonna bite off, more than I could chew. I grew old and the strength of my youth left me. There is one man, for whom I am doing this, just to tell him, that I wouldn't call him son again.

I am going to avenge my daughter, who was killed in cold blood, by one of my own sons. I am going all alone, for I was alone, when I started my family. He is now, in safe company of men in uniform, but will be free before long.
A sea man, boarding a navy ship and walking into into fifteen uniformed men, to quench his thirst would be remembered forever. I am gonna carry a rifle for him too, for I need a fight and I am sure, the brats never allow that pleasure for prisoners.
What will be my last words? Will my back be proud like ever? (without wound of cowards) Will I die? Will it pain me? Will Moby miss me? Will my sons and daughters forgive me? Will I miss the rum and the salmon? Ha, whatever, I have a mission and a purpose.

I am doom for everyone of those sonofabitch who points his fingers towards my family, for all I ever dreamt of, ever worked for and ever cared for is my family alone. I am doom for you, John.


Hope you liked the same. Do let me know how you felt about it. I am participating in other blogfests also and putting up some really cool posts for them. Please do have a look at them here
My goodness, I didn't even know that I participated in so many blogfests, in last one week alone!!! ha Ha.

with warm regards


Trisha said...

Good to see you participating in so many blogfests :)

I liked your entry here, very dramatic! :D Gotta love a pirate!

Abhishek said...

Looks like Ms. Trisha is already bored of reading my lunatic ideas in the name of BlogFests!!!

My apologies, all of you gotta bear me!! Ha ha!!!

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N. R. Williams said...

Nice to meet you. I enjoyed your entry. I can't imagine trying to write something in another language from my own.
N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium, Special .99 through April 30

Amber T. Smith said...

Wow, so many blogfests!! I am in awe. *nods* And also very happy to be reading a delusional doom story all about a pirate. *nods again*

Excelent effort, so well done!

Unknown said...

Har har! Nice to blog you, and very piraty entry.


; )

M Pax said...

That was a very fun entry. I enjoyed it. Nice to bump into you. :D

Laura said...

yarrrr - a right nice piece me harty!

Ella said...

You are one busy guy! I like the pirate take, something different~

Hart Johnson said...

Ohhhh! Revenge is indeed a good motive! And best carried out by a man who lived a good life! Very nice entry! Thanks for joining us!

Unknown said...

Very interesting story. You could taste the bitter, it poured through the writing. Good writing sample. Did you work long on this? Cute pictures, too.

Draven Ames

Abhishek said...

Well, everyone, thanks a lot for your feedback!!

Mr. Draven Ames, No I didn't work on it for long. It was all in one go, just let my hands to write whatever they felt like!!!

thanks a lot again!!

Unknown said...

nice motive... nice work

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