Monday, March 7, 2011

Purpose of Blog

Hello Everyone out there,

        Humans have dreams and dreams never die, but, they remains distant dreams unless realized. I have many a dreams and intend to put efforts into everyone of them. I intend to really chase them all and make my life as memorable as possible. 

         Discipline and seamless dedication and untiring efforts shall be log-line of this journey to achieve goals. So this blog is a tool wherein I keep myself updated about my efforts, keep track of my goals, brag about my achievements and learn from my failures.

      I also intend to post lot of tips related to my dreams, writing tips, blogging tips, flirting, fitness regime, Indian Army, books, ...... because my heart lies in all these themes and I intend to make myself big in these areas of interest.

Hope you all will stay with me and help me out all the time.

with warm regards


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