Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Entry -- Series of Unfortnate Events Challenge

Hello Everyone,

Probably, you all know about the flash fiction challenge.   Here is my entry for the same. It consists of about 612 words in all. I didn't know that writing short story beyond 500 words would be difficult.

A series of Unfortunate Events
    The hunter at last inflicted serious damage on his prey. He was happy and retired.   

The goddess like beauty of hers was amazing but it always had a secret to keep. Lily was its name and it is the last surviving vampire in this cruel world. Lily tried to deny the fact when she understood its implications. She tried to change the fact umpteenth time before finally accepting defeat. Lily is sick today, she knew her end was near and didn't know what to do about it. It was waiting for the pain to subside. Just then, someone moved into the park, sat on the bench facing Lily.

    John was lost in his world, thinking about how hectic and painful last few days of his life were and how everything was turning itself into happiness for him at last.

    He was one of the happiest man in the world, had a job which paid $300 for his work, which gave him ample free time to pursue his hobby viz writing books. He was trying to impress a girl or two and at same time trying to understand where his heart lies.

     He almost completed his first book when he lost his job. The reason was "Spending too much time on other avocations". John wanted to say Fuck you to his boss for being fired with idiotic reason like this. John new he was good at his work though he hated it. John knew he could complain but didn't want to. He was sure, he wouldn't want to work in the office again after having bad blood between him and the ramrod like boss.

    John was not sure regarding what job he must chase now. The same technical jobs? or his dream job viz article writer cum freelancer cum journalist?   Within weeks, he ran out of his savings. His sweetheart I mean the girl whom he imagined to be his sweet heart introduced her boyfriend to him.

    His first work, got published online without his knowledge anonymously. John doesn't know whom to sue? Well, friends come to help during such moments right? Yeah, one of his colleague figured out that the boss let the cat out of bag in this case and sued him on behalf of John in front of board of directors and in court of law.

    Well, the board of directors understood the implications soon enough, fired the boss, offered John his job back. The court of law ordered boss to pay back John with a million bucks just before the boss filed for bankruptcy.

    Whatever, in the end, John got back his job and his colleague proposed him for marriage via a letter which is still in John's pocket. John was happy in her company all time. He never realized what magic he was playing on her all the time. His colleague, Ms. Viva, at-last proposed him. Just before John decided to accept the proposal, Lily, the last vampire on earth moved very near to him.

    John thought Lily was about to ask something, and he politely rose to listen to her sweet voice, but he never heard anything. He felt a sharp sting of pain on his throat and in a flash it was gone. It was too late before John understood what happened. Lily fell down dead in her tracks and John turned pale like a statue.

    John is the last surviving Vampire on earth now and doesn't know whom to propose now. It was the million dollar question he always asked himself and now he has ample time to answer it. And doesn't know whether Iva will be happy to become a vampire for him.

Well, I dunno if you liked it or not. I just wanted to stop after John gets his job back. But my girl in my heart now was impressed by  EDWARD CULLEN of Twilight series. She is imagining how life would be if a vampire proposes her. So I turned John into Vampire just to go behind the girl in my heart.

with warm regards


Abhishek said...

I am waiting and eagerly looking forward to read your entries.

with warm regards

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