Sunday, April 3, 2011

Memory Lane Blogfest

Hello Everyone,

This post is in response to Memory Lane BlogFest, on Rambles & Randomness by Vicki Rocho. The concept of the blogfest is very very simple:
        "all you have to do is post your answers to one or all of the questions below on Saturday, April 2nd"

And the questions are:
When did you start your blog?
What is first denomination (price) of postage stamp you remember?
How old were you  when you learned to ride a bike?
What was the first concert you attended without parental supervision?
How old were you when you got your first kiss?
What is your earliest memory?

My answers:
  • I started my blog on 6 Mar 2011
  • 25 Paise is the denomination of Postage stamp I remember
  • I was about 5 year old when I learned to ride a bike
  • I never attended a concert (True yaar!! I didn't)
  • I still didn't get my first kiss. I always imagined about it and wrote about how it below. Just check out!!
  • Most of my early memories are about my sister and my school. Nothing much specific!! ha ha!!
 Here is how, I imagined I would get a kiss (my first kiss), I introduced my girl to a set of close friends and then the flow of conversation is as follows:
          “Oye, hug her. Give a close-up pic” someone in the crowd spoke. Am I from some zoo or some animal? To give poses?
          “Cut it everyone. I gotta tell you something”
          “Not so soon honey” Alen cut me
          “Hooonnnneeeeey!!!!” started Captian before she was cut short by Shark boy who had a million dollar question “Ever kissed her re?”
          “Nope, not so soon.”
          “Come on, go for it” encouraged Shark boy.
          “Let go everyone. Stop it.” Me asking everyone to cut it? Why? Am I gay? No I am not. No need of being the Good Samaritan guy. I can kiss her. Alen is pretty beautiful. Everyone will surely have a crush on her.
          Everything went as fast as a flash. Alen grabbed my hand and kissed me without prior intimation. Something in me started too. I returned the favor with extreme pleasure and intimacy. This is the first time for me.
          My goodness, I am blinded for a moment or two. My senses are wide awake.           Shark was cheering me wildly. Captain and Nami seemed to be amazed and yet I feel subconscious. Ammu was congratulating Alen. I dunno what is going around me. I just enjoyed few seconds of my life. I just sat down on the stairs to calm myself down.
          What’s my heart beat like? 300 times a second or more! Sort of adrenal rush and a wish from the depths of my heart to kiss her once again.
          I don’t remember what happened after it. All I know was, I was staring at Alen. Intend to kiss her again. No luck though.

          I read something in Naked and Dead saying “A man would never be able to remind himself of the taste of love though he was in love ample number of times unless he is enjoying it himself”


     Hope something like that happens soon!!! What do you say about my imagination?? Isn't it cool???

with warm regards


Anonymous said...

Cool dream man.

Who is the lucky girl??

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