Friday, April 29, 2011

Call 4 world peace

We are blessed with a beautiful nature indeed.
But we still keep fighting for useless things.

The fate of humanity,
depends on each one of us.
If we kill it, in peace we’ll
never be able to dwell

With terrorism spreading
its venom by the day,
the innocents are dying for
no fault of theirs.
Our future depends on corrupt politicians of the day.

Humans, they weep and beg for love,
we must be ashamed, coz we can’t love anymore.

The world is changing, into fire of hell.
A few ones are waiting for an awakening bell.

Who can ring it & free us from blinding,
that lies in human heart of darkness.

The affection of religion towards the other,
has fallen apart at the border.

So what if you belong to another nation
humanity awaits for you at every station.

Just go grab it, nothing it costs,
not more than a smile that can wipe your loss

The world looks like what the society makes it look,
so using a calm mind with ease
lets change the world of terror into peace.

This poem is found Published in Deccan Chronicle  on Friday, 2/11/20119 in Warangal local edition. I loved it and am posting it here now.


Jen said...

I like this, it gives great visuals. Very true and honest.

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