Saturday, April 30, 2011

T for Templates

Hello Everyone,

    I am left with a lot of posts for the A - Z blog challenge. Hope, I complete them soon. I just found a wonderful book and intend to share about it with everyone. The book has the potential to change your paper into awesome one in just five minutes.

     Writing templates are skeletal syntactic frameworks-parts of sentences or paragraphs with blanks to fill in with words of your choice.

       They are valuable because they help the reader understand better what you are saying. They help you, the writer, with organization, and they help you to develop the kinds of sentence, paragraph and paper structure that strong writers display.

      They are error-free and the diction is at higher level. Hence exploiting these templates will surely improve your presentation / essay / ...

Eg. Template:

"___ are the ___ breakfast food"

Sentences that can be made out of this template include:
  • Eggs are the most delicious breakfast food
  • Vegetables are the staple breakfast food
  • Donuts are the most delicious breakfast food

        This is a simple, crude and raw example to begin with. Hell lot of such templates, well classified as per needs,  meeting every purpose of yours can be found in the "Writing Template Book" by Kevin B. King

Some similar cool templates are:
  • Whether __ or not is a / an question. It raises further questions: When ___? Where __? Why ___?
  • The most important questions about ___ are simple ones. ___ and if so, ____? Only by answering these questions ___.

      Well, try to use the above two templates while posting your comments and let me know how you feel about the book. Please do grab a copy of the book here:

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli


AllMyPosts said...

whether someone would be kind enough to post a comment on this post or not is a question. It raises further questions: Will they use the template? Which template would be used? Which would be most frequently used?

with warm regards

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