Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bold New Approach -- Winners Stand Alone

Hello Everyone,

    Most of the readers of this blog are writers, bloggers and avid readers of books. We all have read books. Praised some of books, recommended a few to our friends, discussed the various plots that make a good book and learnt a lot from each book we have read.

     For the post on W, for the A - Z blog fest, I choose a except from Winners Stand Alone of Paulo Coelho. This book, has some very very bold statements and ideologies. One such ideology is about fashion. You can understand the stand of this book on fashion, by reading the following excerpt:
fashion young girl, young girl fashion, cartoon
Fashion Girl

Fashion. Whatever can people be thinking? Do they think fashion is something that changes according to the season of the year? Did they really come from all corners of the world to show off their dresses, their jewelry, and their collection of shoes? They don’t  understand.
smiley, don't understand, sergeant smiley
“Fashion” is merely a way of saying: “I belong to your world. I’m wearing the same uniform as your army, so don’t shoot.” 

Ever since groups of men and women first started living together in caves, fashion has been the only language everyone can understand, even complete strangers. “We dress in the same way. I belong to  your tribe. Let’s gang up on the weaklings as a way of surviving.”
fashion, fashion young men

But some people believe that “fashion” is everything. Every six months, they spend a fortune changing some tiny detail in order to keep up their membership in the very exclusive tribe of the rich. If they were to visit Silicon Valley, where the billionaires of the IT industry wear plastic watches and beat-up jeans, they would understand that the world has changed;
    This is really cool right? A multimillion dollar industry, ridiculed and called out of place. What have you got to say about this? Will you be comfortable making such bold statements in you WIP?? Ever came across such bold theories??

with warm regards


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