Friday, April 22, 2011

Cry of nation

Some murmur, when the sky is clear,
and is wholly bright to view upon.
Oh! It’s the trumpets clangor,
with loud shrills of anger.

Everything is fair in love and war,
for the sake of fame, of its winner.
Forgotten is the discovery of warm complaining tears,
that they have to leave their lives n lovers.

Oh! That noble dream come true,
where my youth, empowerment of nation,
learn to head to peace
than war for me & everyone else.

What’s in your deeds, if unknown
You die & few could know?
Oh guru! In faith keep trust
Strive for progress. All the best.

Well .. this was the first trail of mine @ poetry. I used the High School Grammer & Composition book a lot for this. This is something I literally love.

with warm regards


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