Thursday, April 21, 2011

Miracle , Bruce Almighty

          I was rather lucky to watch them movie "Bruce Almighty" the other day. I somehow liked it a lot and intend to share a quote or two from that movie. The most touching quote:

    Bruce Almighty (Widescreen Edition)
  • Parting your soup is not a miracle Bruce, it's a magic trick. 
  • A single mom who's working two jobs, and still finds time to take her son to soccer practice, that's a miracle.
  • A teenager who says "no" to drugs and "yes" to an education, that's a miracle. People want me to do everything for them. 
  • What they don't realize is *they* have the power. You want to see a miracle, son? Be the miracle. 

with warm regards


Sarah Allen said...

Great quotes! Haven't seen the movie, but now I want to.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

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