Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Attitude?? Inter - Service Rivalry??

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      Hope everyone is enjoying the "A - Z blog challenge" on my blog. Well, today, I am supposed to post a excerpt from a book whose title starts with H. My goodness, there is a lot to choose from, including my favorite Harry Potter Series, Hound of Baskerville... Well, I choose Hell Island by Matthew Reilly. Remember to come back, in the latter part of the day. Well, I have a surprise post on Harry Potter tonight.

          A typical military fiction, where in, teams from the SEALS, Marines, Delta Force & Rangers are sent to check why all communications with aging super carrier parked at Hell Island, the USS Nimitz, CVN-68 are cut off. In reality , the USS Nimitz,  is the testing ground for an elite force of Super-Soldier, as the Airborne and SEAL teams are quickly slaughtered. The marines (10 in all)  under the command of ScareCrow, manage to destroy a force of 500 Super-Soldiers, the delta team and the DAPRA scientists in order to survive. This book, in short is filled with action, drama, adventure and lot of destruction.


  A voice came through Schofield’s earpiece. ‘All team leaders, this is Delta Six. We’re going for the eastern end of the island and we’ll work our way back to the boat. Your DZ is the flight deck: Airborne, the bow; SEALs, aft; Marines, midsection.’

Just like we were told in the briefing, Schofield thought.

This was typical of Delta. They were born show-ponies. Great soldiers, sure, but glory-seekers all. No matter who they were working with—even today, alongside three of the best special forces units in the world—they always assumed they were in charge.

‘Roger that, Delta leader,’ came the SEAL leader’s voice.

‘Copy, Delta Six,’ came the Airborne response.

Schofield didn’t reply.

The Delta leader said, ‘Marine Six? Scarecrow? You copy?’

       Schofield sighed. ‘I was at the mission briefing, too, Delta Six. And last I noticed, I don’t have any short-term memory problems. I know the mission plan.’

     ‘Cut the attitude, Scarecrow,’ the Delta leader said. His name was Hugh Gordon, so naturally his call-sign was ‘Flash’. ‘We’re all on the same team here.’

     ‘What? Your team?’ Schofield said. ‘How about this: how
about you don’t break radio silence until you’ve got something important to say. Scarecrow, out.’

       It was more important than that. Even a frequency-hopping encrypted radio signal could be caught these days, so if you transmitted, you had to assume someone was listening.

   Worse, the new French-made Signet-5 radio-wave decoder—sold by the French to Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria and other fine upstanding global citizens—was specifically designed to seek out and locate the American AN/PRC-119 tactical radio when it was broadcasting, the very radio their four teams were using today. No-one had yet thought to ask the French why they had built a locater whose only use was to pinpoint American tactical radios.

     Well, Is it really typical of the Delta Force guys? I mean are they glory seekers?? Who is not?? I am a glory seeker myself too!!! How do you find books of Matthew Reilly? Who else are good military fiction writers as per you? Please do let me know. I am big fan of military fiction myself.

Get ready for a surprise second post, on Harry Potter today.

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