Monday, April 18, 2011

My Dream World

Hello Everyone,

My world is creative, full of dreams this is the stylish way of saying I doze off in classes and presentations to dream. I always have one dream or the other. I loiter my time by dreaming, by discussing about those dreams and by thinking real hard what to be done to achieve I am saying I think hard, not work hard these dreams and how they can be improved.

   I read Surviving the fog the other day, kids in it viz Star and Comet, wanted some fun, so they organized a tea party with their dolls. They made real coffee, talked to each other about lot of things, acted as though the dolls are sharing their opinions by speaking in different pitches and thereby had ample fun.

     They were living in their dream world, they were happy, it won't harm anyone. I too wanted to live in my dream world. The dream I consistently have is I breathing out fire from my mouth as per my wish and will. I wanted to playfully put mustache of people on fire, burn down the stationary just before starting homework, I wanna frighten my evaluation officer / appraisal officer with a fierce ball of fire and lot more. 

So I decided, I too will live in my imaginative world, So I started imagining that I am able to breath out fire. I loved the feeling, enjoyed charring down huge stones and evaporating an entire pond of water, and lot more.. It doesn't hurt anyone. It makes me happy, Happiness always multiplies and the world becomes better place to live.

    But, my friends started staring at me, as though I am lunatic, as though they are afraid of my imaginative balls of fire Oops, I sent a ball from the screen onto you directly!!! Sorry!!! Whatever, I am enjoying and everyone around is having fun. This is ample, This is what I want too.
with warm regards


Trisha said...

Daydreaming is one of my favourite things to do!

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