Thursday, April 28, 2011

Excuse for War???

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      Here is a well defined plot by Matthew Reilly in his book ScareCrow which revolves around bounty hunt for people who can stop a century of destruction. I am very much impressed by the plot and intend to share it. So here is the excerpt from the book explaining the plot:

   The "Chameleon" project, however, is far more sinister. Indeed, it is perhaps the most sinister program ever devised by the United States. It centres on the missiles themselves. You see, the missiles mentioned in the document are not pure Shahabs or Taep'o-Dongs. 'Rather, they are US-built clones of those missiles. 

What you have to understand is that every major missile in the world has its own personal characteristics: flight signature, contrail wake, even the blast signature left after an impact. Chameleon is designed to exploit these differences. It is a deep-black US project under which America is building intercontinental ballistic missiles that mimic the characteristics of ICBMs built by other countries.

Clone missiles.

But Chameleon isn't limited to Iranian Shahabs and North Korean Taep'o-Dongs. Other missiles that have been cloned include the Indian Agni-II, the Pakistani Ghauri-II, the Taiwanese Sky Horse, the UK Trident-II D-5, the French M-5, the Israeli Jericho 2B, and of course the Russian SS-18.

'They are designed to start wars, but to make it look like someone else fired the first shot. If ever the US needs an excuse to wage war, it simply fires a clone of whichever country it seeks to blame.

Hope you guys loved it, in case you come across plots like the one discussed above and this one, please do let me know. I love things like this.

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Praveen said...

hey awesome piece of work.. keep writing :)

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George Clinton said...

The rich .. the powerful can do anything and get away from it all!!

Never heard about genocides, massacre, ...

forgot what happened in 1984??

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